Nail Designs For Short Nails Images

Nail Designs For Short Nails

Finding easy nails art designs that you can do at home can sometimes be a chore in itself. There are some tips and tricks like using blue masking tape, but sometimes you need to understand how the design was created. This is especially true with abstract designs.

Countless designs online may initially look easy, but then when you are halfway into the project you realize it looks nothing like it’s supposed to. The key to getting better Nail Designs For Short Nails at is to practice; otherwise, you may get frustrate and give up.

It helps to watch, or even read how each step is complete.

Nail designs for Short Nails To Do At Home Step By Step

Imagine the nail design process as you read through this guide and visualize each step before you begin. Sometimes this is easier than guessing or making the steps up as you go and then having to start all over after making an error.

Messing up is natural, so don’t worry too much if you don’t get it right the first time. If all nail designs were easy, everybody would be wearing them. First, you will need to gather some materials. Choose a basecoat color of white, and then choose three to five other bright colors that you want to use as the paint colors.

Next, you will need a toothpick or another fine point object that you don’t mind getting nail polish on. 

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Some More Points For Easy DIY Nail Designs For Short Nails

The first step is to lay down the basecoat to protect your nails and give yourself a nice clean surface, or backdrop for the top designs. Make sure you have a high-quality polish like OPI so that it doesn’t rub or chip off easily. Once this has dry, you can then move on to the portion of this fun nail idea.


Start with your first color and make a small-sized blob of nail polish with it. Then take the toothpick and work around the blob pushing the paint outwards so that it almost resembles a sun. Repeat this step for each color and you should end up with an array of color on top of a white base. The look is quite cute, and you will get lots of questions about how you did it and if it is a decal or not.

Once you have finished doing all ten of your nails, you can then seal the design with a top clear coat to protect it and make sure that it lasts for a while. If you didn’t do so well the first time, try practicing on a piece of paper or other surfaces before you try to apply the art directly to your nails.

You may also search around YouTube because there are a few walk-through videos for this type of nail art idea that will help you if you learn better visually.


Nail Designs For Kids Funny Art Ideas

kids nail designs

Glamorous Nail Designs For Kids

These holidays present a perfect time to get dressed up and celebrate. You can create custom pretty Nail Designs For Kids that either complement your attire or show your holiday spirit or both. This designs can be done on acrylic (fake) nails or your real nails.

kids nail designs

The great part about holidays is that they occur within certain seasons too. If you’re a bit older and don’t want Santa Claus nails, then you can create some beautiful designs modeled around the wintry season.

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to experience snow or even the four major seasons like some states, however, you can still wear and enjoy the Nail Designs For Kids.

Simple and Cute Holiday Nail Designs For Kids

Some choose to go very basic with a happy holiday greeting or reference, while others base their holiday Nail Designs For Kids off of their specific religions or beliefs. If you celebrate Christmas you could have stockings, or Santa, or elves, Christmas lights and trees and much more.

You may like a minimalist design like the one below, while others like something intricate and flashy; there is no right or wrong. Cute Nail Designs For Kids often come from experimenting, and choosing a particular holiday Nail Designs For Kids and trying it out is no different. It’s also a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

If it were New Year’s Eve, the typical color combinations for parties are usually black and white and shiny silver. There are countless ideas for these colors that can really make your dress, earrings, necklace, or even shoes really tie together and stand out in the crowd.

Nice Nail Designs For Kids are a fashion and style symbol; a lifelong trend. While some styles may change, custom and cute designs will never fade. Whether they are fake, or your real nails, having cute holiday-themed nails done right, will always be classy as long as you stick to the right designs and ideas for your age.

Halloween kids Nail Designs

Halloween Nail Designs For Kids as well as any other holiday or season can be done to suit a kid, teenager, or even adults. It is a holiday that’s about being scary, funny, cute or flirty depending on your age and intent. This Nail Designs For Kids can be worn with a costume, to a party or to school or work. They are a great way to make your nails stand out and to get loads of compliments on how cute or stylish they are.

You can go too far however and completely ruin the sense of style and fashion with certain designs and outfit pairings. Everyone knows that wearing a holiday-theme sweater (especially the Christmas ones) is a terrible mistake.

Pairing some holiday-theme Nail Designs For Kids with something like this would be a total eyesore. The key to fashion and style is wearing what works with your body type and staying away from things that clash and are too gaudy. Nails can complete a look, but they can also add to disaster if not done in a complementary way.

If you’re thinking about some holiday Nail Designs For Kids, then the first step is to narrow it down to which holiday or season you’d like to incorporate. It’s always easier to look at another person’s designs or picture and then do the same thing on your own. Unless you are very artistic, working on a surface as small as a Nail Designs For Kids and trying to do something elaborate is going to be challenging.

The right tools make it easier, but custom designs will involve much more than just tracing a stencil or laying down a sticker if those are not available. The time invest, however, is worth it when you get a compliment on your holiday spirit and sense of fashion or have an amazing black dress on and some black and white themed Nail Designs For Kids to complete the look.

How To Remove Acrylic Nails at home with and without Acetone

Remove Nail Polish

How To Remove Acrylic Nails

In order to study how to remove acrylic nails, we will have a small briefing about Acrylic nails many people especially young girls today are asking this question so we have come up with detailed description about Acrylic nails and how to use them.

Acrylic nails are temporary nails which can be removed whenever you want these are just added for some great look for your nails, with acrylic nails added on your original nails you can add any nail color polish and do any experiment on those and make your hands look more stylish.

Let’s SeeHow To Remove Acrylic Nails.

There are two methods discuss for removing Acrylic Nails

Remove Acrylic Nails with acetone | Remove Acrylic Nails without acetone

Generally, these are getting a lot of popularity nowadays as people are getting more concerned about their fashion you can find these acrylic nails used by celebrities a lot and as we say fashion starts from celebrities today we can see many college girls are also using these acrylic nails.

Remove Acrylic Nails

These are very simple to make we can use acrylic liquid and powder to make these nails and can be applied on one’s nail completely or just onto the tip of the nail. The added mixture becomes hard and provides a great look for your nails and then we can do any kind of design or use any nail polish to make them look gorgeous and there is no harm in doing experiments with acrylic nails because these are just temporary and can be removed when we don’t want them.

CheckNail Polish Remover

How To Remove Acrylic Nails With The Help Of Acetone

You know what does it pain most in the world it is the broken nail, It happens with all when we try to cut our nails we need to be a lot careful while cutting the nails. When we want to remove the acrylic nails we need to follow some rules to make the process easy without hurting and avoid bleeding from the nails.

Many people are not aware of the process of removing this artificial nails but we have come up with simple tutorials which can make your job easy without hurting.

Method 1: Remove Acrylic Nails Using Acetone

This is the easiest method of all the methods experimented it may take some time but it does not hurt, so we recommend everyone to follow this acetone method to remove acrylic nails.

For this method you need to be very patient as this method requires time.

Items Needed

  • Cotton
  • Nail Cutter
  • Hot water
  • Acetone
  • Tweezers

Step 1

Use nail cutter and make the acrylic nail as short as possible, make sure you are not overdoing and cutting your original nail, the main use of shortening the nail is it will make the process more eas

Step 2

If there is any nail polish on your nails then take some cotton and dip in acetone and remove the nail polish/coating slowly from the nails, the use of this step is that it won’t make your hands dirty in the next steps. The process becomes easier by removing the nail polish with cotton dipped in acetone

Step 3

Take some hot water and pour acetone in it this will warm the acetone a bit and now keep your hands in the solution for 30 minutes this will make the acrylic nails softer

Step 4

Now take your hands out and you can use tweezers to remove the acrylic nails, if you find difficulty in removing the nails then place your hands again the solution for few more minutes and then remove the nails this time you can peel them off easily

Done!! you have successfully peeled of the acrylic nails. You can apply moisturizer or cuticle oil if you want this will ensure that your hands do not become dry usually acetone creates dryness on hands.

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Method 2: How To Remove Acrylic Nails without Acetone

It is not possible to get acetone all the times, for example, you wanted to remove your acrylic nails and you are at your friend’s home and you do not get acetone there, then do not worry we have a solution to remove acrylic nails without using acetone.

This method is also useful for people who have allergy with acetone because some people’s hands get dry after the usage of acetone.

Step 1

Take water in a bowl(make sure the bowl is transparent) and heat the water slightly, the transparent bowl is suggested because you can see through it whether the nails are getting removed or not.

Step 2

Now place your hands in the bowl and keep them soaked for 20-25 minutes and observe whether the nails are coming out if they come out completely remove the hands if they do not keep the hands for few more minutes in the warm water.

Step 3

You are done!! now take a dry cloth and dry your hands

Step 4

Use a nail trimmer to cut off any cuticles(be careful while cutting cuticles) use a brush and rub on your nails gently this will make your nails shine. (How To Remove Acrylic Nails)

Now if you are a fashion, concerned person then you will definitely go for acrylic nails one day as these are used by many celebrities, Applying the artificial nails is very easy but removing is a hard task, so we have explained two easy methods to remove the artificial nails so that you should not hurt yourself while removing the nails.

Remove Acrylic Nails

One specialty of these methods is that you do not need the help of any other person you can do it on your own. The items required for these methods will be easily available, Many people will be spending a lot of money on spa’s and salon’s for removing these nails but we have come up with this article to save some money for you.

We will always feel happy when we save some money in our purse with some simple tips which can be done at home. So, you can avoid going to the spa for this simple tip and also explain to your friends about this method so that they will appreciate your help and they will also save some money on costly spas.

we hope you enjoyed reading this article on How To Remove Acrylic Nails.

How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet & Clothes At Home

Remove Nail Polish

How To Remove Nail Polish From Nails, Carpet and Cloths

 All the women of the universe are fond of colors. They use to use beautiful colorful dresses and stones as jewelry on their body. It also conscious that how to Remove Nail Polish. This even uses all color shades on their skin to change their look. Lipstick is too very common for women along the earth.

Nevertheless, the most imperative thing that they employ for a better look is nail polish. There’re hundreds of firms involved in the originating of nail polish across the world.

Remove Nail Polish

A polymer material is the very good color base for such nail polish use. The main background of the polymer is the petroleum extract that is soluble in the spirit or the methyl alcohol. Therefore, you can use the spirit as the remover of the nail polish, when you are trying to apply a new coat of some new color in your nail.

If you don’t remove the previous color, you’ll hardly get the full gloss of the new color and it may even look rough in the surface of the nail.

How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes

The most treacherous thing is that when someone asks “how to remove nail polish from carpet ” and you hardly suggest the spirit as solve of the problem. The spirit can decrease the saturation of the color, but can’t give you rid of the stain in the carpet.

It’ll still leave a spot, well understandable by a simple look. Nevertheless, you’ve to keep in mind that majority of the rugs are made of polymer things, and using spirit can even damage the designs or the surface of the carpet.

It may meltdown to liquid form and you’ll have to change the entire carpet if regain the beauty.

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Methods To Remove Nail Polish

Thus, you’ve to keep in mind the matter, when you are answering the question “how to remove nail polish from clothes”. The best solution for such cases should be petrol. Most of the artificial colors on the earth are soluble in petrol, and it’s very soft for any item that has a beautiful value to you.

You can employ it in quite a low amount for a demo of the case. You should get a surprising result for it. The petrol is available in most of the families of the country as everyone has at least one car in their home.

The question “how to get nail polish out of carpet” is so very critical at the starting, but when you’ll concentrate on the material compositions, you’ll get the answer very soon.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish 

Have you ever faced a situation where you don’t have time to go to a nail salon to remove your gel nails, and you simply don’t know how to remove them yourself? if so, you will really enjoy this article as it will give you a complete step by step guide on How To Remove Gel Nails easily at your own space with not much hassle and as efficient as possible.

Gel nails or Acrylic Nails For Both Removing Procedure Is Same

Everyone loves gel nails these days because they last longer and you can get some cool designs going, but no one likes the damage that gel causes mainly because when we peel it off, most of us remove the top layer of the nails with it, that is a big disadvantage.

gel nail designs

The proper way to remove your gel nails it to see a nail technician at a nail spa, but if you don’t really have time for that, we will help get this done like a pro.

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish

First, here is a list of the materials you will need to get the job done

  1. Acetone
  2.  Cotton Balls
  3.  Nail File
  4. Cuticle Stick
  5. Nail Buffer
  6.  Foil Sheets
  7.  Nail Strengthener
  8. Cuticle Oil

Now In The Following Simple Steps, we will show you How To Remove Gel Nail Polish like a Pro

  • The first step is really easy, all you need to do is use the nail file to scratch the surface of your gel. Simply use your nail file to remove the shininess of your gel nails. Be gentle and make sure you don’t reach your actual cuticle or the real nail underneath in this process. Make sure to get the entire gel nail, this is important to be able to soak up the acetone as we will show you in the next step.
  • Now take your cotton balls and break it apart to small pieces because you don’t need it in big chunks. Soak the cotton into the acetone and place it on your first nail and wrap it with the foil so it has a chance to soak. Keep in mind that your workspace might get a bit messy, so you might need to lay down a towel to keep it clean. Repeat the step in all your other nails, it might get little difficult to do the nails in your second hand since your fingers will be wrapped up with foil if so, you can always get someone to help you with it if you can’t manage it. It is important to know that by soaking your gel nails, you are not actually removing them, in fact, you are just breaking the chemical bond between the gel and your actual nail, allowing you to push it off as we will explain in the next steps. Once you are done with all your nails, you have to soak for at least 20 minutes (sometimes even longer if your gels are really thick). Just be patient, maybe watch some television or gab with a friend.
  • Ok, it has been about 20 minutes, your gel nails are now ready to be removed. Press down on the foil right on top of your nail and slowly pull it off,  you should be able to take most of the gel nail polish off with it. There will be some left over, don’t worry about that.
  • After you are done with the previous step, you will see that some of your gel nails are still on. Take your cuticle stick (preferably a wooden one) and slide it under the remaining gel nails and start gently pushing it off, again be gentle so you don’t scratch the nails underneath. If you still have some gel pieces you are unable to push off, don’t use force, just soak those gel nails again in acetone for five more minutes and they should get right off really easy after that.
  • Take your nail buffer and buff the top of your nails just to make sure they are smooth. Once you are done, make sure to wash your hands then show your nails some love by applying some nail strengthener and topping it with some cuticle oil.
  • Congratulations, at this point your nails should be pretty much free of any gel and you now know.

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Few extra tips on How To Remove Gel Nail Polish

  • Smaller pieces of cotton balls do a better job in removing gel nails, they fit well on your nails, they stick easier and they absorb more acetone.
  • Some of the fashionable nail colors these days such as Burgundy and Plum are the hardest to remove because they stain your nails and leave some kind of yellowish color behind which is not pretty. To restore the natural color of your nails, all you need to do is to get some hydrogen peroxide with a little bit of baking soda, put them in a bowl with some water, soak your fingernails in it for five minutes. It will clean all the leftover colors from your nails.
  • If you are trying to give yourself a manicure at home, it is always very hard to keep the polish only on your nails without spilling outside to your fingers and cuticles. The solution to this problem is to use a cotton swab to apply some Vaseline on your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails (make sure not to put Vaseline on your actual nails as it will prevent polish from sticking to it). Once you are done with the manicure, just remove the Vaseline with your cotton swab and any polish that is spilled outside to your cuticles will be removed with it, leaving you with a professional looking manicure.
  • A lot of women are always on the lookout for no-chip manicure if you are one of them, here is a tip for you. Instead of applying your nail top coat just to the top of your nail, also apply it to the end edge of your nail. This way it will act as a seal at the edge of your nail. Not only that this tip gives you a manicure with no chips, but it also makes it last longer.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover 

The all nail polish freak beautiful girls must be aware of the fact that all the nail polish removers are not the same. Rather, some of them are very harmful to the beautiful skin and do not delete or remove the nail polish completely.

On the other side hand, some of them are mild on the beautiful skin and remove the nail polish totally from the nails.

Nail Polish Remover

If you don’t know how to choose the right combination of chemicals such that the traces of previous nail polish are entirely removed and the nails are less harmed, then you must go through this article.

Available Choices

There is two types of nail polish removers available in the market. The first one and the most popular one is that in which acetone is the major chemical used. These kinds of Nail Polish Remover are certainly harmful to the skin. But, they are very powerful.

best nail polish remover

The second type of nail color removers available in the market is free from acetone. Instead, they use ethyl acetate as its substitute. First of all, you should be aware of the differences between the acetone and the non-acetone nail polish removers so that you know what you are putting up on your nail.

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Facts about Acetone Nail Polish Removers

  1. The major active ingredient present in these kinds of nail polish removers’ is the acetone.
  2. These are best for the fake nails as it would take too much effort to remove the nail polish from the fake nail and you can also use it in case the nail polish you want to remove is too much stubborn.
  3. No matter how thick the nail polish is that you want to remove, it would get removed easily using the acetone nail polish remover.
  4. The acetone that is present in these kinds of nail polish remover, might dry the skin to an extreme limit. Also, it would make the nails brittle and this nail polish remover is flammable. So, if it accidentally falls on your clothes or anything else, you might be in danger.
  5. 100% acetone nail polish removers should be bought only in one case, when you want to remove fake nails, otherwise, they might harm the skin too much.

Facts about Non-Acetone Nail Polish Removers

•    The major active ingredient that is used in non-acetone types of nail polish removers is ethyl acetate.

•    These could be used safely on the natural nails as well as the fake nails. However, these would not remove the fake nails, all they would do is to help you to change their color.

•    They are better for the skin as they do not harm the skin to a large extent and as compared to the acetone nail polish removers, the damage caused by them is minimal.

•    You might have to spend more time removing the nail polish from your nails as ethyl acetate is not a powerful solvent and it might take up to 20 minutes to remove the nail polish from a single nail. This might be frustrating at times, but it is worth it if you do not want to cause damage to your natural nails.

•    These nail polish removers would not make your nails brittle at all. Additionally, they might contain some vitamins and proteins, which would add strength to the nails.

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Which one should you go for?

Now, the big question is that since both the kinds of nail polish removers have their own advantages and disadvantages, which kind of Nail Polish Remover would be the best one for you? This might depend on various factors, as discussed under:

•    For those girls who do not want to spend all their time removing nail polish from their nails, non-acetone nail polish remover is not for them. They should go for the acetone option so that nails are cleaned within 10 minutes.

•    Ladies, if you do not want to smell that acetone again, non-acetone nail polish remover would be the best one for you.

•    If you wear fake nails and like to change nail polish color daily, go for non-acetone nail polish remover. This would make sure that you do not spend days on the fake nails.

•    Nonacetone nail polish removers are unable to remove glitter nail polishes. So, use acetone nail polish removers for it.