How to Make Your Own Nail Dotting Tool

Nail Art Dotting Tool

You can go out and buy a nail dotter or a set of them. But not everyone has the enough  money or wants to spend money on such things if they don’t have to. You likely already have a few great resources lying around your room or home that you can use to make your very own homemade dotting tool.

Nail Art Dotting Tool

Most nail art designs recommend the use of this tool to make the design more precise and easier. If you have been struggling with small dots and filling portions of boxes, eyes and other designs then you are going to love being able to use this the next time you try some cute nail ideas that are a bit more advanced.

Today we are going to cover a few different ideas that you can follow to easily make a nail dotting tool. If you don’t have the materials, they can be easily obtained from a friend or family member or a store.

Depending on whether you need a small dotting tip or a larger dotting tip, you may also want to experiment with different objects that are similar to the suggestions here in order to achieve your desired tip thickness. The best idea is to have a set of many different sizes that you can easily make at home and replace with very little effort if needed.

Easy to Make Bobby Pin Nail Dotter

The first idea is really easy and straightforward and almost every girl has bobby pins in every corner and crevice of their room or house. If not, I’m sure that your friends have plenty that you can have. Bobby pins come in all different sized tips, which is great if you want to make several with varying tip sizes.

All you need to do is bend the bobby pin into a straight line and then you can use the tip to dip into some nail polish and then apply it to some paper or cardboard to test out how the dot will come out before applying the dot directly to your nails.

If you want to make your bobby pin nail dotter a little more official and sturdy in your hand, you can always attach one end to a plastic or wooden dowel. You can also encase it in foam padding to make it easier to work with. Otherwise, simply using it as is will work just fine.

The Homemade Ball Point Pen Nail Dotting Tool

flock nail designsThe second homemade nail
dotter is extremely easy yet so many girls never think to use it. You’re certain to have lots of ballpoint pens lying around your desk or house in general. It’s recommended that you use one that has been exhausted of all of its ink rather than a pen that is still full of ink.

It will work with ink in it; however, you may find that the ink could run into your nail polish and ruin your design. For an application, all you need to do is dip the pen tip into some nail polish and then apply it to some white paper or cardboard once again to test how the dot will come out.

Once you know how to vary the size with the amount of polish added to the tip and the size of the ballpoint, then you can move on to using it on your nails.

Pencil With Straight Pin Nail Dotter

You’ll need a pencil and a straight pin to make this one work. All you have to do is stick the straight pin into the eraser to seat it firmly and you are ready to begin making dots on your nails. To test the size, try them out on a piece of paper and if you need varying sizes you’ll need to find straight pins that have different sized balls on the end.

If you want a shorter tool, you can sharpen the pencil until it is smaller and then make the tip blunt so you don’t poke yourself. Lastly, if you don’t want to use a pencil you can attach the straight pin to virtually anything that will hold it firmly including a dowel, foam, wine cork or anything else you can think of.

How To Paint Your Nails Tips

How To Paint Your Nails Best method For Beginners

It’s very easy to do it if you know the exact method in less time

First, remove previous nail polish. How to do it?

Take a small cotton ball and stretch it nail polish powder two to three times until the cotton ball is completely soaked with the nail polish remover powder

How To Paint Your Nails Recommendations

  • Are you worried about your skin about polish don’t worry I have a better idea?
  • Use liquid latex around the nail so that it prevents polish to stick to your skin
  • After applying the nail polish you can remove the liquid latex and now apply Diy cuticle oil around the nail so that your skin is safe from liquid latex.
  • I really hope you girls enjoy this tutorial any queries feel free to comment it in below box

Cute Nail Designs

Cute Nail Designs

Cute Nail Designs

The best part of the design in this one is the colors. I absolutely love that light blue color. The light blue also goes extremely well together with the white penguins. The design of the penguins are also nice and simple, so this design should be very easy too pull off.

Cute Nail Designs

Here is a quick overview on how to do them if you are interested:

Penguin Nail Designs Step By Step

  • Apply any light blue nail polish over the entire cute nail.
  • Fill in most of the nail, but leave a small light blue border around the outside of the cute nail (except the tips) with white nail polish. Check out the picture if you are a little confused.
  • Use a light orange color to create the nose and two feet
  • Use two small black dots as the eyes.
  • Also, make sure that you allow time for each layer to dry before applying the next layer.

They also took the time to make a penguin on each cute nail, which is neat. I personally don’t think I would have the time and patience to draw an almost identical penguin on each nail, so I kind of like the first image slightly more. Plus I think it does get a little repetitive to have that many penguins on the ends of your fingers, but “to each her own”!

Here is an excellent video tutorial on how to do penguin cute nails. It first goes over the materials that you will need, and then shows exactly how to create the design on the fingernail. It starts out with a dried blue color and painting on the white portion. Next, a fine tip is used to apply two black dots for the eyes. And then a special brush is used to apply the orange nose and little feet.

This design is a little tricky, so it may take a time or two to get down just right! Good luck if you plan on trying them out! Be sure to send us some pictures of yours or post them online so that we can see.

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How To Do Penguin Nails

Penguins are one of my all-time favorite animals. They are so small and cute and I just love them so much! This is why I decided to write up this article about how people are making really cool penguin fingernail designs. Hopefully, the video and images on this page have given you some really good ideas.

Having cute little penguins on your fingernails is so cool and unique, everybody will love them! Trust me, if you do these before going to a party or something, everybody will be talking about them!