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Best Nail Art Designs for 2019-2020

New Year is starting with modified or new trends in almost every field of life, especially in nail art designs. You are also tired of using old nail art ideas and feeling for something new that creates innovation and would perfectly match the New Year fashion.

For this purpose, we have certainly required Nail Art Design ideas that would best suit your requirements throughout the New Year.

You would be glad to know the currently popular designs that would make your nails glamorous and results in your overall attractiveness. As the nails are delicate and apparent part of the body, therefore you would have to take care of them. If you want to be prominent and pretty among the gathering, you should follow proper manicure methods and ideas.

What is Nail Art Designs?

beautiful Nail Art Designs is fully probably the most enjoyable aspect of the all nail industry. Handpainted nail art is too quick and very easy to apply, and because it requires only a few supplies or few minutes, creates larger profits while keeping the cost too affordable for the client…everyone wins!

nail art designs

nail art designs

Applications of Nail Art Designs

nail art designs

  1. Gemstones
  2. Nail Stickers
  3. Holograms
  4. Bullion

Supplies you will need

  1. Gemstones
  2. Clear polish or base/topcoat
  3. Nail Stickers
  4. Bullion
  5. Holograms
  6. Orangewood stick
  7. Pair of tweezers

Gemstones – For those who deep love sparkles on their nails

Nail stickers – The very easiest nail art design ever

Bullion – for the spaces in between bigger beautiful designs

Holograms – For more sparkles on your beautiful nails

Nail Art Designs on Natural Nails

nail art on natural nails

Types of Nail Art Designs


nail art designs

Nail Art Designs

nal designs

Quirky Nail Art Designs

Smiley Face Nail Art designs

smile nail art designs

Hello, Kitty Nails Art Designs

Hello, kitty is a well-loved brand of teenagers. Various hello kitty images are some of the most fun and quirky nail art designs that will surely be attention – grabbers. Some of these designs can be done using nail varnish alone but some are done with nail stickers.

A hello kitty design can be done on all nails or only on one nail and the rest with pink and white polka dots. It can also be created on natural nails or artificial nails.

Halloween Nail Art Designs

DIY Nail Art Designs

DIY Nail Art Designs

Happy Nails Art Designs

Happy Nails Art Designs

Bridal Nail Art Design

Wedding Nail Art Designs

nail art designs

Design of Simplicity

Micro Beads Design

Lovely Designs

Lace Designs

Lovely Symbols Nail Art Designs

Additional Rhinestones Nail Art Designs

Sticker Nail Art Designs

Polka Nail Art Designs

Stripes Nail Art Designs

charming beautiful bridal nail art designs is a stripe design that you should also take into account. It is a simple and attractive design that would be liked by almost everyone. In this design, you would apply any suitable color on your nails.

Then, you would start cresting parallel horizontal stripes on your nails by using a different contrasting color. You can create wavy lines which would give a different look. You can also create a style of stripes according to your desire.

Sparkling Nail Art Designs

Another important nail art design for your wedding ceremony is the sparkling design. In this design, you would apply glitter polish on your nails that would result in shiny and enlightening nails. There are different color glitter nail polishes available in the market.

You would select anyone according to your desire. In this design, you would not use any base color or you can apply any clear polish as a base. You would simply apply glitter nail polish on your nails and you would remove extra polish from your nails with remover.

You can also use more than one color glitter polishes on different nails. In this way, your nails would look shiny and attractive and would give a pleasant effect.

French Nail Art Designs

French designs are becoming very popular nowadays. These designs include certain simple tips that give your nails quite different and stylish look. You would create different Wedding Nails Designs and styles at the tip part of your nails while keeping the rest part of your nail in simple natural color.

These designs are becoming very popular. You need to use a light shade of blue color. Paint your nails at tips and leave the best part of nail empty. It gives a shiny look. You may also leave your nail tips empty and paint blue color at the other remaining part of your nails.

You can paint your nails at the back part and keep the tip part simple. Another French tip states that you would paint your all nails with a suitable base color and then make specific designs at only tip parts of your nails. Instead of making designs on all nails, you can make designs on selected nails. No doubt, it enhances the best bridal nail art designs.

Animal Print Nail Art Designs

There just is no end to the parade of resplendently embellished nail art designs that women can decorate their nails with. The latest in this pageantry of the superb nail art design is the animal print nail art for 2011.

It is taking nail painting to the next level and is the hottest manicure trend that adds a glamorous look to nails. Give your nails a lively and feral look and paint these trendy patterns on them.

animal nail art designs

The animal print nail art embraces celebrated patterns motivated by the runway looks. Some of the avant-garde prints include leopard, zebra, a turtle as well as snake and giraffe that will surely give your manicure an edgy touch.

The beauty of this animal print nail art 2019 is its openness to mixing it with other trendy designs such as the use of neon and pulsating colors and more.

Flocked Nail art designs– Animal Print

flock nail designsFor the truly adventurous nail fashionista, they can break away from the conventional patterns and color palette and experiment on the more sensational combinations of vivid brilliant colors and the classic black and other neutral shades.

Animal prints such as zebra stripes and leopard spots have never looked so vibrant and alive. There is no limitation whatsoever in what they can achieve with little skill but lots of creativity. 

This futuristic animal print nail art design will surely make a fashion statement wherever it is worn, in a party or for everyday wear.

Aztec and Animal Print Nail Art Designs

This very dramatic nail art design is also a display of once creativity and uniqueness. The only requirement to create this fabulous animal print nail art is a flawless canvass of a perfectly polished surface.

It is true that the more traditional and classic manicure is very popular but it won’t hurt to try and challenge your creative soul to a fab nail makeover.

Airbrush Nail Art Designs

Airbrushing technique in applying nail art enables the application of intricate and elaborate designs. This technique is widely used in nail bars by nail technicians since an airbrush allows for incredible and fabulous looking nails with the most ornate airbrush nail art designs with a smooth and glossy finish.

Airbrush nail art designs are created with the use of stencils that come in a wide array of amazing designs that women love.

Airbrush Nail Art Designs

Airbrush nail art designs are the best alternative to classic and ordinary nail polish for a truly first-class and expert design on your nails. The airbrushing technique involves spraying water-based nail colors onto the nails with the use of an airbrush machine powered by a compressor.

The design can be from a stencil or a free-hand style. The nail artist will meticulously spray the nail color over the stencil to create fabulous looking designs on the nails. The advantage of an airbrush nail design is that it is quick to dry, a great advantage for busy women who don’t have time to wait around in a nail bar until their nail designs dry.

Airbrush machines come with either single action or double action. Most nail artists prefer a double-action airbrush machine since they have better control over it in creating the wonderful and high –quality airbrush nail art design.

Airbrush nail art can also be done at home. There are airbrush kits that are available in the market that you can buy. But doing it on your own needs a thorough understanding of how it is done so that you can apply it properly and get the wonderful results that you get from nail bars.

The first requirement should be the right tools and of course the right nails colors or paint. Learn how to work airbrush machines by observing your nail technician do it or do some research on your own.

Floral Nail Art Designs

Flower or floral designs are the easiest and the best designs to start learning the fascinating world of nail art design. These floral designs will help you learn the art of drawing fine lines and playing with proportions.

Floral designs can be simple or complex but are best paired with either short or long nails. Begin with the simpler designs while you’re learning the intricacy of using the various manicure tools and progress to the more complex designs as you gain more mastery.

Geometric Nail Art Patterns

Geometric nail patterns are one of the easiest DIY nail art designs. The simple stripe and dot patterns are the easiest geometric patterns to begin learning how to apply nail art designs. Create these simple geometric patterns with a wide color palette perfectly combined for colorful and exciting nails.

Practices applying these simple geometric patterns until you become expert enough to graduate to more intricate nail art designs.

Glittery Nails Art Designs

Another easy DIY nail art design is glittery nails. These glam nail art designs can be achieved by simply painting your nails with glitter polish or sprinkling glitter materials on wet polish brushed on the surface of the nails.

Another simple and easy glitter DIY nails are with the use of rhinestones and other glittery decals or stickers.

Cartoons Nail Art Designs

One awesome nail art design is to create attractive cartoons on your nails. For this purpose, you would first identify and select the desired cartoon design. You can make this selection according to your desire.

Once, you would have selected a suitable carton, the next step is to the application of this cartoon on your nails. Again for this purpose, you would first paint your nails with a suitable base color. Then you would draw the required design with the help of a specific dotting tool.

Finally, you would find the tremendous nail art design that catches the attraction of others. You should make designs on the top part of nails because it would give a beautiful impression. You can also make designs on either all nails or on some of the selected nails to make a different stylish look.

Do you see anyone having nail art designs of cartoons? If yes, then it’s good, but if your answer is no, then you would surprise to know that these designs are also becoming popular in the world. Besides other classic and modern variety of stylish nail art ideas, this childish style Nail Art Designs, obtaining a considerable place in the nail art gallery.

People like to make these designs on their nails and feels happiness and pleasure to show their nails to other people. One major reason for the popularity of these cartoon designs is that they try to recall the childhood memories of people. As almost all of us loved the cartoons in our childhood and create images of our favorite cartoon characters on different objects like books, etc.

In addition to this, we also try to imitate their features in our childhood. Now we are in either in adulthood stage or at the start of old age. Sometimes it is pleasurable that we recall our childhood memories so, for this purpose designing cartons on your nails is one of the best options.

Ideas and Designs

If you are interested in cartoon style nail art design ideas, then there is a lot of fascinating variety for you in this regard. The best option is that you should decide by yourself that which cartoon character you would pick. Either your childhood favorite character was Barbie, Power puff girls, Disney princess, Superheroes, Lorax or any other character.

Once you have decided your favorite character than the next step is how you should apply these characters on nails.

Application of Characters

As you have selected your favorite character, now the next step is to apply this character in the shape of suitable Nail Art Designs on your nails. For this purpose, your first choice may be to do it by yourself. In such a case, you should have a little know-how of nail art.

First, you arrange all the necessary elements that would be used in creating designs. You should keep a suitable combination of colors, dotting tools, glitters, suitable rhinestones and evens stamping kit with you.

You would start the process in the following ways.

01-First of all you should paint your nails a suitable base color. For this purpose, you can use any color that you desire like red, light blue, purple. But pale colors would be more suitable as base colors. You can also apply a separate base color on one or two nails.

02- Then you would pick suitable dotting tool and select a suitable nail polish for making a design. You would carefully draw a cartoon design that is related to the character you have picked. Now, again here is a tip for you. You should only draw the face of the cartoon on your nail. It would show a more attractive image for your nails because the size of nails is not so enough to draw a complete body of any cartoon.

03- You can follow French Nail Art Designs tips in order to give your nails a unique and attractive look. In this regard, you would draw cartoons on the tip area of nails and keep back part of your nails simple. You can also draw more than one image on your all nails or you can make a cartoon on your two or three nails while keeping your other nails in a simple design.

04- Another innovative way maybe and you should draw a separate design of your favorite cartoon on each of your nail in a different mood e.g. Once you create a face of cartoons in a happy mood on one of your fingernails, then on the next one, you should draw same cartoons face in a sad mood and similarly in the third fingernail you can give your cartoon face a different moods of anger.

05- There are some additional methods that can give your nails a marvelous look. For this purpose, you can use stickers that contain stylish images of your favorite cartoon character. These stickers are very easy to use and give an image of being originally painted.

06- You would finally put some glitter on your designed nails in order to give then shininess.

07- You can also apply some additional rhinestones on your nails for making them perfectly designed to attract the attention of other people.

08- Another simple way to draw a cartoon Nail Art Design is through a stamping kit. In this method, you should stamp your nails with a pre-selected design that is already present on your stamp. These were the different useful ways that are helpful to do exercise with you. But if you are not fully confident then you should consult a professional beautician for designing the desired carton nail art designs.

Stickers Nail Art Designs

Another tremendous nail art design contains the use of designs stickers. So instead of the headache of creating designs by yourself, you can buy sticker designs from the market. There would be a lot of surprising variety of designs that are awesome and look like handmade designs. You would first select a suitable design according to your desire.

You would paint a proper base color on your nails. Then you would stick the selected design on your nails. You can apply more than one different designed sticker on your separate nail. You can also apply sticker designs on some of your nails while keeping other nails a simple base color.

Selection of Colors for Nail Art Designs

Color selection is an important step in the manicure. For this purpose, you should pick a dim color combination that has both suitable resemblance and contrast. Such suitable pale colors may be pink, red, blue, green and also black color. You would create a specific nail art design by applying any of the above attractive combination of colors that would make your nails gorgeous.

You can also adopt the fruitful tip in the application of colors. For this purpose, you would apply a separate different color on each nail by the specific combination of colors.

Additional Establishment for Nail Art Designs

One of the stylish nail art designs is the addition of some embellishment on your nails. For this purpose, you can add rhinestones. But first of all, you would paint your nails with a base color. Then you would create the desired design on your nails.

Finally, you would add single rhinestone at the center of your every nail that should match the created design. You can also use more than one rhinestone on the single nail, but the number should not exceed three. In this way, your nails would show extraordinary look and make your nails shiny and attractive.

Polka Dots Nail Art Designs

You would have also an option to apply polka dots on your nails. For this purpose, you would first paint a suitable base color on your nails. Then you would create micro and small dots with a different suitable contrasting color. You would make polka dots with the help of a certain dotting tool.

Another important thing that you should keep in your mind with this design is the sequence of polka dots. For this purpose, you would make random dots or irregular sequence because this would make your nails attractive and stylish.

You can also either create a polka dot design on your all nails or on the selected nails while painting your remaining nails with simple base color.

French Tips for Nail Art Designs

The Nail Art Gallery contains certain nail art ideas and nails art designs that would make your nails awesome and attractive. One of them is the application of French tips of your nails, which are becoming very popular nowadays. For this purpose, you would paint your tips and keep back part of your nails simple.

You can also paint back part of your nails and keep the tips of your nails simple. In another tip, you can make a certain design on the tips of your nails and paint the remaining part of your nail with simple color.

You can also make French tip designs on your selected nails and keep your remaining nails in simple natural color.

Stripes Nail Art Designs

You can give your nails a different look by creating a stripe design on your nails. For this purpose, you would select a contrasting color combination like red and black. First, you would paint your nails with a properly selected base color. Then you would draw stripes on your nails with a contrasting color.

You can create parallel horizontal lines on your whole part of nails. You can also make a different style by making stripes on the tip part of the nails. Or you can create stripes on different style like wavy, slope manner or in any desired pattern.

Diagonal Nail Art Designs

Another recent nail art design is a diagonal design. For this purpose, you would first paint your nails with a suitable base color. Then you would make diagonal boxes with contrasting colors.

In this way, your nails would give a design of checkerboard that results in an outstanding stylish look.

Animals Nail Art Designs

You can also apply a different Nail Art Design on your nails by creating a design of a suitable animal. For this purpose, you would first paint your nails with a selected base color. Then you would create a design of an animal that you liked most.

You can also create more than one or separate animal on each nail in order to make stylish nail art designs on your nails.

3D Nail Art Designs

For 3D nails the procedure is simple. Follow the below steps to get it right.
1. Take all the necessary supplies and keep it close to hand. You’ll need basic stuff like adhesive and nail polish. You can use readymade ornaments, it’s easy to work with them.
2. Clean your nails. Before applying nail polish coat make sure you remove stains of past nail polish coats.
3. First, apply a base coat and allow it to dry. After that paint a thin coat of glitter over it. Women prefer to apply top-half of the nail with a coat of glitter while few other use dark or light shade.
4. Apply a small amount of adhesive on the crystal or acrylic nails and smartly paste it onto your nails. Avoid using too much use of adhesive.
5. To finish it off apply a top coat of nail polish containing 3D elements.
And that’s it your 3d nail designs are ready.

Stiletto Nail Art Designs

How many types of nails you have observed in nail art designs? The number would definitely be more than one. There are so many varieties of nails in the Nail Art Gallery. Either you have seen short nails or long nails. Rounded tip nails and pointed tip nails are also common.

Fake nails and real nails are also a separate category. In sum, the final number goes to a larger digit. Each type of nails category should be separately manicured. In narrowing down to a specific single type, stiletto nails are unique in nail art.

Stiletto nails are originated since the 50s or 60s. Besides their unique shape, these nails are becoming very popular among the public due to its adoption by recent celebrities. Many women are seriously diverting toward this stylish nail art design.

Stiletto nails are generally long sized nails whose tips are in a pointed shape. You might be able to change their shape to some extent on the basis of their length or tip shape. As these unique shapes reflect that they seem apparently dangerous. Their look is like “extreme”. One can be injured by such nails.

Therefore, they are also known as cat claws. Nevertheless, many females love this unique style. As Stiletto nails are longer in size, therefore in general, they are fake nails. You can buy them from the market and then apply them on your original nails to get a stylish and attractive look.

Useful designs for Nail Designs

When you select the stiletto nails than there would arise a question that what type of design you should apply to them? There are a lot of fascinating nail art designs that you can apply for this purpose. These designs are given below.

01- For the simplest design, you would use solid colors. Solid colors make your nails perfect. For this purpose, you would use pale colors like sky blue, dim purple, etc.

02- You also have the option to use matte colors that are becoming very popular nowadays. And further, use any contrasting bright color nail polish to make a superb design.

03- ­One more suitable design is the use of French tips in nail art designs. You can paint your pointed tips a suitable color and leave back part of nails plain. Or you have also option to paint a simple color on your nails and apply a different contrasting color on tour pointed tips.

04- You can add additional embellishment to your nails for an awesome look. For this purpose, rhinestones are very popular and useful. First, you would paint your nails according to any suitable design. Then you would add either single rhinestone in the center of your every nail or you can use more than one rhinestone on a single nail. But the addition of rhinestone should match your design.

05- One idea among nail art ideas for stiletto nails is that you would select any two nails on each hand and then apply to them any desired design. And paint simply on other remaining nails. In this way, you would see a new stylish design pattern that looks marvelous.

06- You would have another idea to use stickers on your stiletto nails. There are a lot of different designed Stickers for Nail Art. You would select any suitable design according to your desire. Then you would apply this design on your long pointed nails. This results in an increase in attractiveness of your nails.

07- You can make a diagonal design on your nails and paint a different color on each portion. This would result in a new stylish design.

08- You can use a stripe design that would make your stiletto nails fabulous. First, paint your long nails any base color. Then choose a contrasting color and make parallel horizontal stripes on the tip side of the nails.

09- Another awesome nail art design is making flower designs. When you make a suitable flower design on your nails, your nails show a pleasant and cool effect.

10- As Stiletto nails are longer in size, so there is a lot of space available on each nail. Therefore, you can create any new design by yourself and apply it on your long pointed nails. In this way, you would give your nails a quite new style.

How to apply there Nail Art Designs

When you have selected any suitable design, the next thing is its application. For this purpose, you would consult a professional beautician. You can also do all this process by yourself. You would first buy a fake nail outfit from the market. Then you would set the artificial nails according to the selected shape. Then you would fit those fake nails on your real nails with the help of nail glue.

At last step, you would now paint your new stiletto nails according to your selected design. In this way, you can design your stiletto nails according to perfect Nail Art Designs for stiletto nails.

Blue Nail Art Designs

Different people are using different nail art designs nowadays, as they are so conscious of their Nail Art Designs. No doubt, new nail art ideas are developing and replacing the previous old-fashioned techniques with every passing day.

Although there is a number of new techniques are available to nail art, but still, you should make a choice carefully. Use of blue color for nail art designs is common and no doubt the best option for young girls.

Blue is the color, when applied on nails, looks very attractive.

Combination of Blue, Black and Silver Colors for Nail Art Designs

Combination of blue with black and silver colors makes an outstanding nail art design. These three color best support each other and increases the overall effect of the design. You should first paint your nails with blue polish as a base. Then add some simple designs with black color.

Finally, paint the tips with silver color. You can use any other design also.

Blue Ladybug Nail Art Designs

This idea is very famous in nail art designs. It makes your nails look like small ladybug beetle having a mixture of two colors. Although the actual colors of ladybug are different, you need to use different colors. These colors are blue and black.

First, you can paint blue color, and then you need to make vertical stripes originating from the tip of the nail to back. You can also use small and medium sized dots of black color instead of making vertical stripes.

Crystal Floral Nail Art Designs

Use of rhinestone as crystal art makes your nails pretty and glamorous. First, you would paint your nails with blue color. Then add a small flower design by using white color.

Finally, you would stick single rhinestone in the center of your nails.

Micro Beads Nail Art Designs

In this design, microbeads are used that makes your nails shiny and attractive. These beads are available in different colors. You would first paint your nails with blue color.

After that, you can add blue caviars to your nails in order to make them unique.

Polka Dots with Blue Color Nail Art Designs

These Nail art designs include designs having a blue color with polka dots. In this design, you need to paint your nails with light colors first. Then, you need to create small blue color polka dots on entire nails with the help of a dotting tool.

Blue Paisley Nail Art Designs

This design best suits with the same colorful design dressing. You would draw paisley flower designs on nails after polishing them with the blue base color.

Blue Velvet Nail Art Designs

This idea specifies that you should first paint your nails with simple blue color and then you would give them velvet touch to make them soft looking and shiny.

Leopard Designs with Blue Color

Another marvelous design for nails art designs is leopard design with blue color. Again, you need to paint your nails with blue color and finally draw leopard design on nails to make them special.

Stripes Nail Art Designs

You can use stripes design with either different shade of single blue color or with a combination of black, white colors having blue color as the base color. Finally, put paint stripes on blue color nails.

Blue and green color combination makes your nails good looking. You, just need to make a rose, flower designs by using blue and green colors.

Japanese Nail Art Designs

I’m sure; you will be interested to know about Japanese nail art designs, as these designs are so famous all over the world. Japan was considered as an island in the past, but with the developmental changes, it becomes a prominent country on the map of the world.

It is also famous for its styles in different fields of life including nail art, etc. Although to some extent they adopt the western trend, in general, their styles are unique from other western countries. I believe, you would really like their awesome Nail Art Ideas, and will definitely try to use any one of them.

Japanese people (women) use unmatched and heavy colors in their makeup look. They keep long nails for fashion. Usually, these long nails are fake nails and give a 3D effect, which shows a different style. These designs are easy to create.

Japanese women use nail stickers, studs, flowers, hanging objects, shooting stars, etc.

Color Selection

Color selection is an important area of Japanese nail art. Japanese women are conscious about the selection of colors. While you are designing a Japanese style on your nails, you would select pale and shiny colors, especially different shades of pink color. You can also use other colors in any suitable combination like black, white, green, red and light blue colors, etc. You can also use a red and white color combination. Color selection is also based on your designing ideas; either it is about designing a Japanese flag, or any sunset scene, etc.


There are a lot of Nail Art Designs in Japan. The most important is the cartoon cat that is generally called “Hello Kitty”. A lot of adult and children’s products contain pictures of such cartoons cat. In fact, Japanese people love this symbol. You can also make any famous character design that reflects your affection towards such character.

Another design may be the creation of the national flag on your nails. You can also create designs of different animals, birds, stars, or any imagined scene that gives a stylish Japanese look of your long nails. You can use Japanese beautiful flower designs on your nails. Another remarkable Japanese nail art design is related to the addition of rhinestones.

You would make any suitable design on your nails and add rhinestone on proper places on your nails. It can also use glitter nail polishes for producing attraction in your nails. You can also make a 3D nail art design, but for that, you should choose a suitable color mostly pink color with other colors like white, baby blue and yellow, etc.

You can also create prominent dots on your nails with the help of a dotting tool. For this design, you should first paint your nails with any base color and then make polka dots of suitable contrasting color. And finally, you would find your nails in a style that attracts others attention towards you.

You can also use stickers of different attractive designs on your nails.

Fake Nail Art Designs

Now, as you already know that Japanese nails are long nails. For that purpose, you would buy artificial nails from the market. There is more than one type of such fake nails. You would buy anyone according to your desire. But you should know the necessary information about each category.

Like there is acrylic nails and silk wrap nails, etc. Both are delicate and have a stylish look. But silk wraps are frail and easily broken down. Besides the type of nails, you would also take into account the shape of your nails.

Rounded nails are preferable in the Japanese style. Along with this, you would have chosen to shape the tips of your nails. Stiletto tips are widely used in Japanese style. These tips look like a marvelous and daring style. You can also make your tips pointed. This is also the very renowned Japanese style in nail art. Especially for 3D art, these tips are best and give fruitful results.

In all the above discussion, you may be probably interested to apply Japanese nail art ideas on your nails. You should do this experiment at least for once. As you have now a better understanding of the Japanese style of very long decorated nails. But you are not a citizen of Japan.

So you would search the required material from the market. You can take a photo of related design with you while searching for related material. You can also consult with the related beautician that would help you in creating a stylish Japanese Nail Art Designs for you.

Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Are you searching for imaginative short Rainbow nail art designs? If yes, then this post may be the best place for you. Stay with me.

I recently cut my nails off so I can do some nail art designs for you guys that will great for short nails. This design is adorable and very dreamy. Rainbow has those cool colors that can enhance your nails. It’s definitely the cutest design I have created. The best part is so simple to do.

The designs revealed below will be very easily painted at your home. By simply following them, it is possible to figure out how to create designs on the nails, without becoming a specialist.

Rainbow Art Designs For Short Nails

You will need :

  • Basecoat
  • White, Blue, Yellow, Red Polish
  • Big dotting tool
  • Straight brush

Step By Step Tutorial To Do Rainbow Nail designs

  • Startup with the base coat to protect your natural nails.
  • Next, take out the white polish and relatively big dotting tool.
  • Here you want to place some white dots on the very tip of your nails to create some clouds.
  • Next take out the red, yellow and blue straight brush. Take your time to create a cute little blue rainbow, Then yellow stripes and finally a swipe of red.
  • Apply a top coat on all of your nails to proven the light of your new short nail design.
  • And that’s it, Rainbow Art designs.

Girls, there is no need to be jealous of long nails right now, your own short nails can be similarly adorable and stylish when designed amazingly. Isn’t this design soft and dreamy? Speaking a dream, let me know the comments below what you dreamed, See you next time!

And Now comment your Best nail designs we sill surely upload the tutorial how to do it in the upcoming articles.

Stamping beautiful Nail Art Designs for the Best Nail

Stamping nail art is another super fabulous nail art technique that comes in a nail-printing kit. Nail art designs are created by imprinting pre-fabricated pictures or impressions on the fingernails. A stamping nail art kit normally contains a stamping tool, a plastic or metal scraper, an image plate made of metal and nail polish specifically made for the purpose.

Stamping Nail Art Designs

Creating gorgeous nail art with the use of stamping nail art kit is fairly easy and can be a DIY project with a professional look to it.

Here’s how to do it

Select the nail art design that you want from the image plate

  • Apply the special nail polish on the chosen design on the image plate. See to it that the nail polish covers the entire design. if you are a beginner, choose a design for the full nail rather than the smaller designs. Full nail design is easier for the stamping tool to pick.
  • Scrape off the excess nail polish from the image plate using the scraper, preferably a metal scraper, and make sure that the entire chosen design is covered with nail polish. Hold the image plate secure or steady as you scrape.
  • Pick up the design with the stamping tool. If you are having difficulty picking up the design, try buffing the surface of the stamping tool to make it slightly rough. This will make the job easier.
  • Press the stamping tool steadily over the design.
  • Make sure that you picked up the design neatly and completely
  • Stamp the design on the fingernails determinedly with a light rolling motion and do it fast so that the nail polish does not dry on the stamping tool.
  • Before using the stamping tool on a new design, wipe it off with cotton soaked in nail polish remover to ensure that no traces of the previous design are justified on the stamping tool.