Easy Nail Polish Designs Ideas

Easy Nail Polish Designs Ideas


Move over nail bars and beauty! Now the best of nail art can be performed at home itself. How? Using the simple nail design ideas proposed below. So, for all that out there, the show wants to make the nails colorful on those views women, down there are some creative, yet easy to do nail design.

Easy Polka dot Nail polish Designs

Such constructions are the easiest way to do and see at the same time, very cute. That is why they are ideal to take to College are. Start with the application of pink polish designs on your nails. Two layers and when the nail polish is dry, a purple gloss and draw a number of points on the nails. That’s it! This funky Pink Purple nail design is sure to get the attention, that you want to!

nail polish designs

Aquatic of nail polish Designs

For women, which are the Sun, sand and sea, water nail design the ideal love. Using light blue buff you start to your nails. Then take you Polish a dark blue and apply it to the lower half of the nail.

In the end, with a yellow Polish, with a small brush, draw a Sun on the top of the nail. If possible, you can nail design to add a Palm tree on the. This simple nail design provides exceptionally well on women with long fingernails.

Black “Dare” Arts Ideas

Can this nail design for beginners to a nightclub or a Halloween party or taken to be a fun night with friends. Start with the application of black shoe polish on the nails. Further under a yellow or orange Nail Polish and a small brush, a skull on each of the nails, except draw the thumbnail.

Draw on the thumbnail, a pair of crossed bones. This fear design can be supported by all women who dare to be different.

“Nature” Nail Polish Art Design

Such simple nail design is of all women in the society of nature to enjoy that estimated. Start using a yellow glaze on your nails. Nex,t put a black Strass in the middle of the nail. With a small brush and green glaze, lacquer two hands on both sides of the Strass.

Nature inspired nail design are for all women, to believe in a thing!

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Fiery nail Designs

You can any other Polish so feminine as a red Nail Polish. So, start a red Polish application of two layers. If it is dry, a couple of rhinestone silver and make a flower with them near the top of the nail. Apply a single red dark shadow over short nails gives an illusion of length to them.

nail polish

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Alternative French Style

This simple nail art design looks classy and funky at the same time. The best part is that it so nice can on short as nails is carried on long nails. Start by top leaders on your nails, just below the nail tips. Then a white glaze on the part of the nail below the top to lead. Now, a thin pink polish on the nail tips.

In the end, a white flower put stickers in the middle of the nail top. This versatile alternative French style nail design can be worn withdrawing or even party hopper by working women, College!

These are ideas that you can easily make at home some of the simple nail art. So, without waiting on, gather all necessary nail art tools such as nail polish designs, stickers, brushes, and Strass, etc. and adorn your nails as you like!

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