Everything You Must Know About Nail and Nail Designs


“All of the women especially all the pretty girls out there must have put nail designs (to make beauty) on their hands and must have seen beautiful colored nail designs on their nails as they hide their natural nails. So, have you ever wondered where these colorful nail designs come from? Yeah, so Nail designs are a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. women would dye their nails with henna to indicate social status and seductiveness”

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What are Nail Designs???

Currently, fashion has not only clothes, but also hairstyle, and even popularity to nails and nail designs. Inquiry into women’s fashion is an endless thing.

Information on a nail to such women became an indispensable thing. From the tip of the head to the tip of the nail, you want to adopt a fashion like you.

So, what kind of nail is currently in fashion? And what is a nail that fits your hand? Base on those, let us know from your own claws of beauty.

As a new year has recently start, it brought many new changes in our lives as well as in cool nail designs. The New Year does not bring just new resolutions, but also new trends, new fashion and new colors as well. As a year has to start with winter, the most recommended colors are so-called cold colors, such as blue, gray, maroon and perhaps black.

You can apply all of this winter color to your wardrobe or to your nail polish and by doing that you will achieve one of the cool nail designs. Depending on an occasion you can experiment with different colors. 

What is the History of Nail?

It is not clear about the history of nail designs but the nail origin with the origin of the human. Nail Designs comes into begin with the originate in beauty and fashion. Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive nowadays. They update her with each and every aspects of fashion.

nail designs

Nails designs originate with the origin of beauty and fashion among the woman. For the truly adventurous nail fashionista, they can break away from the conventional patterns and color palette and experiment on the more sensational combinations of vivid brilliant colors and classic black and other neutral shades.

Mostly women draw inspiration of what nail colors to use from their favorite celebrity fashion icons who never fails to daze their followers with the most amazing nail colors, particularly the on-trend nail colors and nail arts of the season.

nail designs

Beautiful nails are no longer consider a luxury these days. Well-care for nails are just not enough. More and more women are looking at the numerous nail enhancements and nail art designs to have beautiful nails. But the use of nail enhancements such as artificial nails and nail art techniques such as nail piercing, nail drilling, and other severe nail art procedures could cause damage to the natural nails.

The basic nail care for men is regular care and follows a balance diet. According to medical experts, Nail is an indicator of the overall health of a person. Nails that are brittle and the color may indicate that something is wrong. But when it comes to nail care, you think only women or, say, feminism. Among men, the only nail is cut short.

Importance of Nail Designs

Nail designs simple has a very interesting side. It will make your nail’s shape appears as the best nail. Most people will see your nail as one of the most beautiful. It depends on how you shape your nail. In order to boost the attractiveness of your simple nail art designs, you can choose to have bunt, square, oval, oval square, and square diamond.

solar nail designs

The best shape for natural nail art ideas is oval. It is able to make your nail look longer. If you do not like to stand out design, you can try to apply French manicure. Use clear nail polish and paint the tip of your nail in white. This is one of the best simple nail art designs.

Benefits of Nail Designs

Nowadays, looking fashionable is no longer confine to the elite class or the fashion industry. Earlier, many women cautiously used makeup. Make-ups were done only on occasions like big ceremonies or weddings. Presently, the trend has change. Women of all ages aim at looking pretty and want to be fashionable. The women want their nails to be creatively done to make them stand out.

nail art designs

Nail art design has emerg as a creative profession. The nail is treat like a miniature piece of the canvas where artists use all their creative instincts to make the nail look artistic and different. The artists draw and paint designs. The ever growing nail art demand has led many salons to incorporate nail art designs in the list of services they offer.

For the nails to look, pretty artists, need various accessories. They have to buy them from beauty stores. Basic manicure and pedicure sets are require to scrub, clean and prepare the nails for additional decoration.

There are also artificial nails available for women who do not have great nails. The false nails can be easily fix on the real ones with the help of nail glue. The false nails can be found in various lengths.

After the manicure and pedicure, the artists begin the decoration. They use fine paint brushes to paint designs. The nail art designs can also be performed at home with the help of a nail art kit. If you have a good hand at drawing or painting then it becomes a child’s play for you. Furthermore, it is fun if you do it at home. A nail paint dryer and paint remover should also be bought as they make the whole decoration task much simpler.

Nail art designs are here to stay as nails have become an integral part of ladies’ beauty.

How Can You Prepare Your Nails to Apply Nail Designs?

nails Every person has a distinctive shape to their fingernails. Some have round, square, with a flat top, or even irregularly shaped. If the nail shape is different and distinct for every individual, so are the nail beds. The shape of the nail bed will determine what fingernail shape would look best for a person. Here are the different shapes of the nail beds and the nail shape that would look best on them:

  • Wide and short nail bed– for this type of nail bed, nails that are square shaped with curved or rounded edges are best
  • Big and long nail bed – Square shaped nails but with more rounded tips will look good on fingers with big and long nail bed.
  • Long and narrow oval bed – for long and narrow oval bed, square-shaped nails with pointed tips are best.
  • Normal oval nail bed– This type of nail bed will look great with any nail shape and edge, all the nails need is a regular filing to maintain the shape.

Skin tones play a very important role in choosing the right paint color for natural nails. The secret to having the perfect nail color on your fingernails is to choose nail paint colors that will work well with your skin tone.

Fair skinn women are lucky since almost all colors will look good on them. If your skin tone has a reddish tinge to it, your best option for nail color would be red shades with a bluish undertone or even maroon. Keep away from red with an orange undertone or any other bright colors. On the other hand, women whose complexion has a yellowish undertone should choose pale pink or blush colored nail paint that will flatter their skin tone.

Brown skinn women are also very lucky since the most color of nail paint will look great on them except perhaps very pale colors and most especially white.

Types of Nail Designs

There are different nail designs used to make nails more beautiful. Used the latest nail designs by selecting any type of nails design you want.

nail designs

Following are the Types of Nil Designs 

Short Nail Designs

A lot of ladies today have short nails, it is a totally new fashion trend if you haven’t heard everybody knows that! Cool Nail designs for short nails will make you really sexy, you will have all the colors on yourself but never as a good as you can have when you use some imagination, no one will make you feel happy like the new look on your nails, it is you, it is going to be new fabulous you from the start, you will be just genie when you discover all you can do with your life, prepare for the time of your life because you are going to have a great time with Cool Nail designs for short nails.

nail designs

Your life is your choice and you have to be ready to make some things work, no matter what can happen, be the queen of your life and the wind of your life, be the girl everyone will want to have in the first second of the look they share, but only the brave will really have, for life. 

Long Nail Designs

Long nails designs are one of the most popular topics on a lot of beauty related blogs. But not everyone can have long nails. Some girls don’t even like artificial nails. That is why today we are talking about some gorgeous short nail designs. Clouds and rainbow nail designs If you like bright colors.

long nail designs


Your life is your choice and you have to be ready to make some things work, no matter what can happen, be the queen of your life and the wind of your life, be the girl everyone will want to have in the first second of the look they share, but only the brave will really have, for life.

Gel Nail Designs?

Gel nails were first made of a special dental gel powder. Later the porcelain gel powder began to be used. Today, as mention earlier you can get everything you need in gel nail kits for use with a UV lamp or without light.

In the late 20th century, artificial nails for women became very popular all over the world. Gel nails start to appear in salons during the 80′s.

gel nails

In closing, nail gel is a very beautiful and natural looking enhancement for nails which will make your nails look very smooth, flexible and clear. What is good about gel nails is that they can be used both for enhancing your nails and a treatment for your nails giving protection to the damage edges of your nails.

Benefits of Gel Nail Designs

Gel Nail Designs are very trending nowadays. It is a very trending beauty for the young girls. There are a number of benefits of using Gel Nail Designs which are given below

  • Quick and easy and dries instantly
  • Applied onto the natural nail, Gel dries instantly under a UV Curing Lamp.
  • Applies cleanly and comfortably
  • With no fumes, no odors and minimal buffing dust, you’ll enjoy seeing your nails transform to their exceptional potential. Part of this pleasant experience is Cristal’s professional manner and friendly service.
  • Durable – Your gel nails keep their well-manicur look long after application

What is Solar Nails Designs?

Artificial nails are also a good background or base for more intricate nail art without damaging the natural nails. The most common artificial nails are acrylic and gel nails. There is, however, a new alternative to acrylic nail art designs or gel nails called solar nails

Solar Nails for Best Nail Designs

Artificial nails are the future of nail fashion. It provides a girl a great way to have fabulous nails, even when their nails are damage or weak. Artificial nails are also a good background or base for more intricate nail art without damaging the natural nails.

solar nail designs

The most common artificial nails are acrylic and gel nails. There is, however, a new alternative to acrylic nail art designs or gel nails call solar nails. Solar nails are artificial nails that offer a great advantage, better than other artificial nails. It has a lot of benefits that are difficult to achieve with either gel or acrylic nails.


For one, unlike acrylic nails that need to be replaced or refilled at least every two weeks, solar nails only require a refill after three weeks. This means considerable savings for the wearer and more time to enjoy beautiful nails compared to other artificial nails.


Women wearing artificial nails are worries about their nails when they go to tanning parlors since artificial nails have a tendency to turn yellow when expose to tanning regularly. With solar nails, they need not worry. Solar nails do not change color from exposure to tanning.

So ladies, if you want to have that golden California glow and still have beautiful nails then go solar.


Solar nails are made stronger, sturdier and more flexible than other artificial nails because it is created using the best quality materials for enduring strength. With other artificial nails, the wearer worries constantly that the nails will break with the slightest pressure.

Such worry won’t be necessary with solar nails.

Solar nails are not Extensions

Most artificial nails such as acrylic nails for examples are nail extensions and there is always a danger or a possibility of damage or injury not only to the artificial nail but to the natural nail as well.

Solar nails are definitely not extension nails.

Polished look

Solar nails come with a natural polished look and do not need to be painted with a nail paint or polish to achieve a glossy look, unlike acrylic nails.

Nail polish used on acrylic nails has a tendency to fade while the natural polished look of solar nails lasts longer.


Acrylic Nail Designs

Since we put a very high premium on beauty, we have developed various means of making ourselves more attractive to other people. This is not limited to our facial features alone. Our desire to be attractive involves our body, our clothing, and our accessories as well.

acrylic nails

Applying acrylic nails is one of the procedures being done to increase one’s beauty. Since the Ming Dynasty in China, women have used acrylic nails and nail art to convey fashion sense, beauty, and social status. Even to this day, this still holds to be true. Fashionable and wealthy women still use an artificial nail to convey elegance and high social status.

Although the application takes a while, the time and the patience that you will invest in getting it done is worth the wait. This is especially true for women who have weak and brittle nails as well as for women who can’t grow their nails naturally.

There are two ways to apply the acrylic nails. First, you can simply add an extra layer of acrylic nails on your natural nails. This way, you can strengthen your nails if they are brittle or weak. The second way is by extension. You can attach an acrylic nail tip to the edge of your natural nails.

This is advisable for individuals who can’t grow nails naturally who would like to fashion long fingernails. This is also used sometimes by musicians, especially by guitarists who find it easier to pluck the strings with long fingernails.

Even more interesting is the fact that you can design your acrylic nails. If you think the application of the synthetic nail already takes a lot of time, wait till you try getting some nail art done. Nail art, as the name suggests, is the designing of nails with intricate artworks. This adds color, vibrancy, and style to the nails as well as the fingers as a whole.

acrylic nail designs

The designs you can do on your acrylic nails have a wide variation: some skilled nail artists can make realistic portraits and miniature artworks on nails, some can create intricate geometric patterns and designs while there are those that can paint plants, flowers, and trees in great detail.

In the right hands, you can have nails that you will love and love to show off. Try it out and you will certainly enjoy having them on your fingers.

The best Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic nail designs are a very popular topic. Acrylic nails are really popular and how to make them trendier than having the most fashion-forward design. That is why today we are going to talk about some best acrylic nail designs for your nails. Have fun.

Funky Animal Print

animal nail designsAnimal print is still trendy. That is great information for all of you ladies who love animal print. Animal print doesn’t have to be only on your clothes or only on your shoes. You can have your favorite animal print on your nails. Whether you like zebra, tiger, leopard it doesn’t matter, it all can be done.

But there is a slight change this season. Don’t just go for natural animal print colors. Be funky. Make a pink and black zebra stripes, tiger print in turquoise or leopard print in neon yellow. It will make your acrylic nail designs even more beautiful and trendy.

Have Fun with Simple Nail Designs

You can express yourself through nail designs that you create. Have fun and show everyone how creative you are. When you know some simple nail designs you can have a different nail art each day. Just let your nails match your feelings and mood. That is why today we are going to talk about simple nail designs that you can do by yourself at home.

Love is in the Air with Nail Designs

You can feel the love on every step you take, so why wouldn’t you show your love on your nails. Symbol of love is the heart, so create hearts on your nails. It is really simple and overall look is great but it is your choice of what actual heart nails design will you use.

You can have a heart on one nail, or on all of them. One good and original idea is to have 4 nails done in red on both hands and ring fingernail in black. Then, on the black nail make a cute red heart. It is really easy but it looks really cute.

Airbrush Nail Design

Airbrushing technique in applying nail art enables the application of intricate and elaborate designs. This technique is widely used in nail bars by nail technicians since an airbrush allows for incredible and fabulous looking nails with the most ornate airbrush nail art designs with a smooth and glossy finish. Airbrush nail art designs are created with the use of stencils that come in a wide array of amazing designs that women love.

Airbrush Nail Design

Airbrush nail art designs are the best alternative to classic and ordinary nail polish for a truly first-class and expert design on your nails. The airbrushing technique involves spraying water-based nail colors onto the nails with the use of an airbrush machine powered by a compressor. The design can be from a stencil or a free-hand style.

The nail artist will meticulously spray the nail color over the stencil to create fabulous looking designs on the nails. The advantage of an airbrush nail design is that it is quick to dry, a great advantage for busy women who don’t have time to wait around in a nail bar until their nail designs dry.

Airbrush machines come with either single action or double action. Most nail artists prefer a double-action airbrush machine since they have better control over it in creating the wonderful and high –quality airbrush nail art design.

Airbrush nail art can also be done at home. There are airbrush kits that are available in the market that you can buy. But doing it on your own needs a thorough understanding of how it is done so that you can apply it properly and get the wonderful results that you get from nail bars. The first requirement should be the right tools and of course the right nails colors or paint.

Learn how to work airbrush machines by observing your nail technician do it or do some research on your own.

DIY Nail Designs

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to get a perfect nail design. All you need is to find a couple DIY nail designs tutorial, practice and become a master of DIY nail art. You are going to see some easy and pretty nail designs that you can create at the comfort given below.

Easy Diy Nail Designs

easy nail designsNail art is the most fabulous way to have beautiful and eye-catching nails. Some nail art designs call for superior nail painting expertise as well as special products. But there are easy DIY nail art designs that do not require special skills and can be done without any trouble.

All it needs is to study the design carefully and have the required supplies and tools to begin the exciting project of creating beautiful nails that will be real fashion statements as well as an expression of your creativity and fashion sense. Here are some of the easy DIY nail art designs that you can begin to experiment painting on your nails.


What is UV Gel Nails?

UV Gel Nails are considered to be an exciting way of having beautiful nails. This technique has been popular to so many saloons and women searching for a new way of taking the manicure experience to the next level. I first got my gel nails when I was in search of a creative way to lengthen my nails. I got into a saloon and was advised to have gel nails put on my nails.

gel nail designs

The process was interesting as this is new to me. They applied and glued false nails over my real nails and cut it with a cutter made to cut gel nails. The girl began to apply the UV gel. When I was asked what color is good for me, I chose white instead of pink. The basic colors for gel nails are actually pink and white. The way the girl applies the nails where amazing, it’s like mixing a bowl of ingredients to achieve the desired taste. My first gel nail attempt was a success.    

What is Nail Art Designs?

Nail Art Designs is probably the most enjoyable aspect of the nail industry. Handpainted nail art is quick and easy to apply, and because it requires only a few supplies, creates larger profits while keeping the cost very affordable for the client…everyone wins!

nail art designs

Nail art ideas for beginners can be easily made by using several preparations. The preparations for Nail art ideas for beginners are not very complex. You only need two basic polish nails with two different colors that support each other, then you need to prepare simple nail sticker or glitter as an alternative.

For beginner use, it is advised to make the designs as simple as possible. You need to avoid putting too much object in your nail art design. By making it simple you can get a unique and distinct design for your nail art design.

Nail technicians are able to create thousands of designs and offer each client unique a “personalized design” that will generate compliments from everyone around her. Nail technicians who offer nail art have a 30% higher rebooking average, have lower supply costs, and have less stressful work days.

These technicians are able to use their creativity and their imaginations to create new and exciting designs for all of the twenty official holidays each year.

nail art designs

Welcome to a whole new world of beauty and self-expression. Nail art makes each and every one of us so very beautiful, each in our own unique way. This site is dedicated to those technicians who really understand the satisfaction and gratification of making each and every one of his or her clientele feel a little prettier and more confident in between nail appointments.

Applications of Nail Art Designs

There are following Nail Art Designs applications which are given below:

nail art designs


Nail Stickers



With all the Nail Art Designs available to girls these days, it is almost a sin not to know how to apply them. True, there are nail bars where nail stylists can do them expertly, but learning how to do them on your own will be a big boost to your grooming regimen as well as a great expression of your creativity and personal style.

So, learn the “how to” use nail art design application particularly gemstones, nail stickers, holograms, and bullion. But before experimenting on the nail art designs be sure to prepare the nails in the usual way.

Supplies you will need:

• Gemstones
• Nail Stickers
• Holograms
• Bullion
• Clear polish or base/top coat
• Pair of tweezers
• Orangewood stick

Gemstones – For those who love sparkles on their nails

• Apply a base coat on the nails
• Pick the gemstone with tweezers and touch up its bottom with a little base coat
• Place the gemstone on the preferred area of the nails while the top coat is not yet completely dry. Repeat the process if you want more gemstones on your nails.
• To protect the design, apply two coats of top coats on the nail, and then you’re done!!!

Nail stickers – The easiest nail art design ever

• Take a base coat on the nails
• Detach a piece of nail sticker from the sheet by the use of a pair of tweezers
• Position the nail sticker on the nails
• Depress the nail sticker lightly to let the air out
• Apply top coat and voila! Fabulous nails!!!!

Bullion – for the spaces in between bigger designs

• If you want billions on your gemstone design, touch the orangewood stick with the base coat brush to transfer some of the polish on the orange stick
• Pick up the bullion with the orangewood stick and position it on the nail before applying the top coat
• Repeat the process to place more bullion on the nails
• Apply a top coat on the design, and your gemstone/bullion nail art design is finished!

Holograms – For more sparkles on your nails

• Apply base coat on the nails
• Coat the tip of the orangewood stick with the base coat by touching its tip on the base coat brush
• Pick up the hologram with the orangewood stick and position it on the nails
• Repeat the process as you add more holograms on the nails
• Brush a top coat to set the design.

Nail Art Designs on Natural Nails

Nail art Designs on natural nails is the current Hollywood rage. Fortunately, nail art on natural nails can be done at home without breaking the bank when you have it done in nail bars.

nail art on natural nails

Follow the following steps and show off gorgeous looking nail art on your natural nails:

Step #1

Soak a cotton ball with a nail polish remover that has no acetone component and remove traces of nail polish from a previous manicure. This will also get rid of oils and other grime from the nails. Nail polish remover with acetone is too harsh for natural nails.

Step #2

Wash your hands thoroughly using hand soap ensuring that no residual nail polish is justified on the nails

Step #3

Prepare the nail art supplies that you will need. If all you want is nail color, nail glitter varnish or a combination of colors for the nail art on your natural nails, have the nail polishes ready and at hand. If you want nail art with decals or stickers on your natural nails, spread out the supplies as well as the tools you will need on top of the table you’re working on

Step #4

Apply 1 coat of colored nail varnish on your nails. If you think you need a 2nd coat to apply it then allow it to dry if all you want is nailing color.
If you want a more fabulous look with the use of nail stickers, allow the nail varnish to be touch dry before applying the sticker.

Step #5

Lift the sticker with an orange stick or pair of tweezers from its backing sheet and gently position it on the nail. Tap it down with the orange stick to ensure that it adheres to the nail.

Step #6

Apply a top coat on the colorful nail art or nail art with a sticker to protect it and make it last longer and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Types of Nail Art Designs

There are different types of nail art designs which are given below:

nail art designs

Rhinestone Nail Art Designs

Rhinestone nail arts are beautiful and a lot of fun. Creating them are also easy and trouble-free and you can create a lot of different designs from the cute and girly to the most elegant and fabulous looking designs. Rhinestone nail arts can be applied both on natural nails as well as on artificial nails.

Rhinestones used to create these nail art designs can either be tiny or large, using a single rhinestone or several, depending on the preferred design. Gems and rhinestones to create a rhinestone nail art design come in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and colors.

nal designs

They can be bought in small packets, in storage wheels or in large quantities packed in cases with separate compartments for particular gems. These gems and rhinestones will enable you to create some truly unique and fabulous rhinestone nail art designs that will be the envy of all your friends.

Creating rhinestone nail art design is super easy and be very well done at home. All you need is to apply nail polish to well-prepared nails. The nail varnish or color can either be airbrushed or applied in the usual way of applying nail polish.

Once the nail polish is applied, put on a drop of nail glue in the spot where you want the rhinestone positioned and then add the gem or rhinestone. Once the gem or gems are in place, apply a top coat over it. Apply two coats of top coat to properly protect the design.

Rhinestone nail art designs can also be created with rhinestone stickers. These rhinestone stickers are also as easy to apply as gems or rhinestones. In fact, it is easier, since you do not need to use nail glue to affix them. All you need to do is position them on nails with wet nail polish. Applying a top coat is also a must to ensure that the design is protected.

Quirky Nail Art Designs

Displaying unique and unusual nail art designs on your nails are the best way to show your fashion sense. There are numerous nail art designs out there created with different nail art supplies, tools, and techniques, but one of the trendiest and fun designs are quirky nail art designs.

These designs are big favorites of young girls who wish to express their individuality and maybe hidden rebelliousness as well as to unleash their creativity through nail art.

Smiley Face Nail Art designs

smile nail art designs

One quirky nail art design that will showcase a happy person is a smiley face nail art design. It is very easy to create with such fabulous results. All you need is a light color background such as yellow, blue, red or purple to make a black smiley face pop out.

 Draw the smiley face in the center of the nail using a black nail pen or nail varnish with a very thin wand. You can even add glitter to your smiley face nail to add to its appeal.

Halloween Nail Art Designs

This quirky nail art design is evocative of a pirate’s flag and is usually rocked by fun loving girls and even guys during Halloween. The background varnish is black and the skull with a cross bone beneath it is done with white varnish.

Halloween moment coming soon. It enough makes you glad and happy to overlook Halloween moment. You also can make suit among the event want to attend with your nail design e.g when summer or spring you surely need a new design for your nail whose suitable to depend on you.

Maybe Halloween moment has to mean whose near with creep impress, based on so many peoples that celebrate Halloween with using crazy and fantastic design about their costume and another. To decor nail with Halloween themes, you should choose design about disease nails, I mean that’s not really a disease, celery decorate.

Burn nail design or blood nail design would be fine to support your appearance about Halloween. Hocus pocus nails also would be fine if you decide to choose it as a Halloween nail design. So, it does with graveyard nails, they have some support to attain Halloween theme that suit with your costume. Then we have occult nails for you to complete your Halloween moment, those are the nightmare on elm street nails that can give sensational of your Halloween costume.

Last, about zombie’s nails, I swear that’s can make you really feel perfect on Halloween moment and still many more about Halloween nail art designs.

Some of Halloween nail art that we can present for you, at least it can give you thought about which best and suit for you to complete Halloween moment. It needs more of Halloween nail art, you ought to go search engine Google to search what that you have a desire about.

Don’t forget to make suits among your costume with your Halloween nail design to attain perfect appearance Halloween.

DIY Nail Art Designs

Every time when I see the women nails I am surprised to see that their creativity, imagination, and passion make the nail designs one of the best nail designs ever. If you are ready for DIY nails then you need a red, blue and white nail polish (or maybe of your choice).

DIY Nail Art Designs

Apply a base coat of white nail polish and let it dry, after that apply curled lines and at the end apply red nail polish. Take a tooth stick to create spider lines by drawing straight lines from top to the end of the nails. Let it dry for sometimes and add transparent gel if you have one or you can let it dry.

The basic knowledge of using different colors helps to create great surprise styles and give fantastic look together.

Happy Nails Art Designs

Today’s post doesn’t need any introduction, it totally depends on your mood whether you want to visit a nail salon and wait several hours for your turn to come and the designs can be very exasperating especially on a busy day.

Most important thing is that you really want a nail design that can completely fit on you, but the design created by manicurist is completely unlike.

Happy Nails Art Designs

If you want to make nails happy it can be done effortlessly, just by using the nail products which can be easily applied. Take a nail polish and apply it over your nails. If you’re just learning how to design nails, then you can use color sticks and dazzle pens which can easy to hold and makes design accurate.

Let’s start with a dot and encircled it with another five dots. Now draw some leaves over the side and put veins curve over the base of the nail. And, finally, apply a top coat of color nail polish.

Bridal Nail Art Design

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It comes as no surprise at all that you want to be the most beautiful woman on that very special day.

The spotlight will be solely directed on you and everybody will scrutinize and comment on your wedding dress, your hairstyle, your makeup and yes, even your manicure or nail art.

Wedding Nail Art Designs

The wedding is a momentous occasion that you have waited for so long, and wedding nail art designs will help you choose the best design for your nails on your wedding day. You need to look utterly beautiful on your wedding day, and part of it is having a perfect nail art design.

Aside from your perfect wedding dress, hairstyle, shoes, venue etc., a perfect nail art design will bring you to the joy and superb beauty in your wedding day.

A wedding marks another milestone in your life, it is a memorable moment where you make an end to singleness and embrace life together with your partner. Before you prepare at that stage of your life, make sure that your wedding is the loveliest and the most desirable wedding of all.

As a bride, you need to be the most beautiful woman in the crowd. Your nail art design should match your overall look and the theme you have for your wedding. Balance everything from head to toe; this will make you stunning on your wedding! 

Are you searching for best Wedding nail art designs that are popular and unique in style? If yes, then this article would be fruitful for you. As a wedding ceremony is a special occasion where there is some special gathering of people seems. So, at that time, everyone wants to look different and prominent.

For this purpose, nails are important apparent part of the body that can make you attractive and appealing among the people. So, you should take into account certain best nail art ideas that make your nails, stylish and give them an outstanding look. So, in this way, you would attain prime importance in the party due to your stylish look.

The Nail Art Designs Gallery contains certain common nail art designs that best fit for wedding nail art. These designs are currently fabulous in manicure and you would be surprised to know that in wedding ceremonies, many brides are designing their nails according to these marvelous nail art designs.

Because of their uniqueness and style, you would definitely compel to adopt any one of them in a wedding ceremony that may be related to your marriage. As brides are prime personality among the wedding event, so they should be conscious about their look, especially about their nails.

nail art designs

This nail art designs best suit to latest era, brides in such a way that such brides would acquire a place in the bottom of the hearts of their respective bridegrooms in their marriage events.

Now you are anxious to know these tremendous designs. So your wait is over and following are recent heart touching best bridal nail art designs that would remain in your memories for a longer period of time.

Another benefit of this color is that there are additional shades in blue. You can choose any one among them. You can also apply two or three different blue color shades on a single nail in the form of stripes. This design also surprises the viewers. You can use blue color nail polish as a base.

You can also use blue color at the combination with other colors.

In short blue color is essential in nail art as it has an attractive and cool touch and your nails really look charming in any gathering. There is a variety of blue color nail polishes including navy blue, turquoise blue, copper sulfate blue, cobalt blue, sky blue etc.

A lot of creative designs are also available that uses blue color. These designs are for your convince and you can choose anyone according to your desire. This design is perfect in wedding nail art. Brides should use it in their marriage ceremony. In this design, you would be jewel your nails with additional precious rhinestones. First, you would paint your nails with any base color. Then add additional rhinestones on your nails in any suitable design that your desires.

You can stick rhinestones on the whole part of your nails or you can apply a single rhinestone on the center part of nails.

For Wedding Nail Art Designs you need to know all the perfect and latest nail art ideas. As the wedding is a very occasional and important event in life. Especially for the bride this ceremony is of immense importance because she is primary pride of the whole ceremony and be observed by almost every member.

So you should know the classic and latest fashions in the nail art gallery in order to manicure. There a lot of designs those are being used by ladies nowadays. But you should pick the most perfect Wedding Nail Art Designs that will make you prominent in the event and add value to your personality.

When you design your nails with any of these nail art ideas, your nails look too much attractive and pretty. These perfect wedding nail art designs are as follows:

Design of Simplicity

This is a classic design and shows an effect of simplicity. It is also a special design for those that do not like complicated and creative designs. In this design, you simply would spread some shiny glitter on your simple nails either on the whole part of nails or at only the tips of nails or at only the back part of your nail.

You can use any shiny color glitter. You can also make a little change by spreading glitter on any one or two nails and make a design of horizontal shiny stripes at the front part of other nails.

Micro Beads Design

It is another best design in wedding nail art. In this design, you would apply shiny micro beads on your nails. It results in caviar-like design. These microbeads are available in different colors for your convenience.

It is very suitable for a wedding ceremony and you should try it at least once.

Lovely Designs

This category of nail art gallery contains designs whose effects are lovely and a sweetheart. In this design, you would first paint your nails with any suitable base color. After that, you would make any design that shows a symbol of love.

Such design can be drawing the word “LOVE” on four adjacent nails, one alphabet on each nail, or drawing of a small heart on your nails. These designs best suit to brides and make their look pleasant and lovely in front of their grooms.

Lace Designs

In any wedding ceremony, this design is best to use. By applying this design to your nails, your nail looks awesome and heart touching. It consists of making of design that looks like lace. You can use nail polish on any color in this regard.

It would make an attractive lace design either on the whole part of all your nails or any specified part of all nail. You can also use this design in a little different manner by making lace design on one nail and keep another adjacent nail simple paint.

Lovely Symbols Nail Art Designs

Lovely symbols are an important nail art design that best suit for you in your wedding dress. In fact, this design gives a look of love and affection for a partner. In this design, first, you would paint your nails with a suitable base color.

After that, you would pick a different contrasting color and make a design of heart or similar lovely designs on your nails. You can also make a word “LOVE” on your four adjacent nails.

Additional Rhinestones Nail Art Designs

Another sophisticated bridal design is the use of additional material for your bridal nail art design. Such additional material should be rhinestones that would make your nails shiny and precious look. So, first of all, you should apply a prominent base color on your nails. Then, you would create proper attractive designs on your nails.

Finally, add rhinestones on your nails in proper place. You would add a single rhinestone on each nail which gives a charming look. But you can also add their number, but the number should not exceed three. You can either add rhinestones on all nails or on some selected nails, according to your desire.

Sticker Nail Art Designs

Sometimes it is difficult to create a unique design for nails. For such a problem, there is a fantastic solution for you that would completely remove this difficulty. For this purpose, Stickers are available in the market that contains certain best nail art designs that are unique and stylish for wedding ceremonies.

There is a variety of special designs and you can select any one or more according to your desire. So you can also adopt this idea for your manicure. In this method, again, you would paint a base color on your nails. Then you would apply the selected stickers on your nails.

In this way, your nails show originally painted nail art designs and no one can find your nails having sticker designs.

Polka Nail Art Designs

Polka dots are becoming very popular in the wedding events. You have also this delicious choice to apply this design to your nails.

For this purpose, you would first identify and arrange two or three suitable contrasting colors. Then you would apply any one color as the base color on your nails. After that, you would pick other contrasting color and start creating micro and small size polka dots on your nails by using the suitable dotting tool.

Finally, you would find your nails in a unique and awesome polka dot design that catches the attraction of others towards you.

Stripes Nail Art Designs

One of charming bridal nail art designs is a stripe design that you should also take into account. It is a simple and attractive design that would be liked by almost everyone. In this design, you would apply any suitable color on your nails.

Then, you would start cresting parallel horizontal stripes on your nails by using a different contrasting color. You can create wavy lines which would give a different look. You can also create a style of stripes according to your desire.

Sparkling Nail Art Designs

Another important nail art design for your wedding ceremony is sparkling design. In this design, you would apply glitter polish on your nails that would result in shiny and enlightening nails. There are different color glitter nail polishes available in the market.

You would select anyone according to your desire. In this design, you would not use any base color or you can apply any clear polish as a base. You would simply apply glitter nail polish on your nails and you would remove extra polish from your nails with remover.

You can also use more than one color glitter polishes on different nails. In this way, your nails would look shiny and attractive and would give a pleasant effect.

French Nail Art Designs

French designs are becoming very popular nowadays. These designs include certain simple tips that give your nails quite different and stylish look. You would create different Wedding Nails Designs and styles at the tip part of your nails while keeping rest part of your nail in simple natural color.

These designs are becoming very popular. You need to use a light shade of blue color. Paint your nails at tips and leave the best part of nail empty. It gives shiny look. You may also leave your nail tips empty and paint blue color at the other remaining part of your nails.

You can paint your nails at the back part and keep tip part simple. Another French tip states that you would paint your all nails with a suitable base color and then make specific designs at only tip parts of your nails. Instead of making designs on all nails, you can make designs on selected nails. No doubt, it enhances the best bridal nail art designs.

Animal Print Nail Art Designs

There just is no end to the parade of resplendently embellished nail art designs that women can decorate their nails with. The latest in this pageantry of the superb nail art design is the animal print nail art for 2011.

It is taking nail painting to the next level and is the hottest manicure trend that adds a glamorous look to nails. Give your nails a lively and feral look and paint these trendy patterns on them.

animal nail art designs

The animal print nail art embraces celebrated patterns motivated by the runway looks. Some of the avant-garde prints include leopard, zebra, a turtle as well as snake and giraffe that will surely give your manicure an edgy touch. The beauty of this animal print nail art 2019 is its openness to mixing it with other trendy designs such as the use of neon and pulsating colors and more.

Flocked Nail art designs– Animal Print

flock nail designsFor the truly adventurous nail fashionista, they can break away from the conventional patterns and color palette and experiment on the more sensational combinations of vivid brilliant colors and classic black and other neutral shades.

Animal prints such as zebra stripes and leopard spots have never looked so vibrant and alive. There is no limitation whatsoever in what they can achieve with little skill but lots of creativity. 

This futuristic animal print nail art design will surely make a fashion statement wherever it is worn, in a party or for everyday wear.

Aztec and Animal Print Nail Art Designs

This very dramatic nail art design is also a display of once creativity and uniqueness. The only requirement to create this fabulous animal print nail art is a flawless canvass of a perfectly polished surface.

It is true that the more traditional and classic manicure is very popular but it won’t hurt to try and challenge your creative soul to a fab nail makeover.

Airbrush Nail Art Designs

Airbrushing technique in applying nail art enables the application of intricate and elaborate designs. This technique is widely used in nail bars by nail technicians since an airbrush allows for incredible and fabulous looking nails with the most ornate airbrush nail art designs with a smooth and glossy finish.

Airbrush nail art designs are created with the use of stencils that come in a wide array of amazing designs that women love.

Airbrush Nail Art Designs

Airbrush nail art designs are the best alternative to classic and ordinary nail polish for a truly first-class and expert design on your nails. The airbrushing technique involves spraying water-based nail colors onto the nails with the use of an airbrush machine powered by a compressor. The design can be from a stencil or a free-hand style. The nail artist will meticulously spray the nail color over the stencil to create fabulous looking designs on the nails.

The advantage of an airbrush nail design is that it is quick to dry, a great advantage for busy women who don’t have time to wait around in a nail bar until their nail designs dry. Airbrush machines come with either single action or double action. Most nail artists prefer a double-action airbrush machine since they have better control over it in creating the wonderful and high –quality airbrush nail art design.

Airbrush nail art can also be done at home. There are airbrush kits that are available in the market that you can buy. But doing it on your own needs a thorough understanding of how it is done so that you can apply it properly and get the wonderful results that you get from nail bars. The first requirement should be the right tools and of course the right nails colors or paint.

Learn how to work airbrush machines by observing your nail technician do it or do some research on your own.

Floral Nail Art Designs

Flower or floral designs are the easiest and the best designs to start learning the fascinating world of nail art design. These floral designs will help you learn the art of drawing fine lines and playing with proportions.

Floral designs can be simple or complex but are best paired with either short or long nails. Begin with the simpler designs while you’re learning the intricacy of using the various manicure tools and progress to the more complex designs as you gain more mastery.

Geometric Nail Art Patterns

Geometric nail patterns are one of the easiest DIY nail art designs. The simple stripe and dot patterns are the easiest geometric patterns to begin learning how to apply nail art designs. Create these simple geometric patterns with a wide color palette perfectly combined for colorful and exciting nails.

Practices applying these simple geometric patterns until you become expert enough to graduate to more intricate nail art designs.

Glittery Nails Art Designs

Another easy DIY nail art design is glittery nails. These glam nail art designs can be achieved by simply painting your nails with glitter polish or sprinkling glitter materials on wet polish brushed on the surface of the nails.

Another simple and easy glitter DIY nails are with the use of rhinestones and other glittery decals or stickers.


Stamping Nail Art Designs for the Best Nail

Stamping nail art is another super fabulous nail art technique that comes in a nail-printing kit. Nail art designs are created by imprinting pre-fabricated pictures or impressions on the fingernails. A stamping nail art kit normally contains a stamping tool, a plastic or metal scraper, an image plate made of metal and nail polish specifically made for the purpose.

Stamping Nail Art Designs

Creating gorgeous nail art with the use of stamping nail art kit is fairly easy and can be a DIY project with a professional look to it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the nail art design that you want from the image plate
  • Apply the special nail polish on the chosen design on the image plate. See to it that the nail polish covers the entire design. if you are a beginner, choose a design for the full nail rather than the smaller designs. Full nail design is easier for the stamping tool to pick.
  • Scrape off the excess nail polish from the image plate using the scraper, preferably a metal scraper, and make sure that the entire chosen design is covered with nail polish. Hold the image plate secure or steady as you scrape.
  • Pick up the design with the stamping tool. If you are having difficulty picking up the design, try buffing the surface of the stamping tool to make it slightly rough. This will make the job easier.
  • Press the stamping tool steadily over the design.
  • Make sure that you picked up the design neatly and completely
  • Stamp the design on the fingernails determinedly with a light rolling motion and do it fast so that the nail polish does not dry on the stamping tool.
  • Before using the stamping tool on a new design, wipe it off with cotton soaked in nail polish remover to ensure that no traces of the previous design are justified on the stamping tool.

How to Make Manicure Last Longer Before Using Nail Designs

Having a fabulous looking manicure and pedicure is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity and most women like you even consider it as an important aspect of their fashion statement. That’s one reason why making your manicure last longer without necessarily visiting a nail salon every day to do it is of special concern. To make your manicure last and allow you to show-off fabulous looking nails.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Ensure that your cuticle is always soft and properly moisturized
    one thing that can make your perfect manicure look unsightly is dry cuticles. Peeling cuticles is not only unattractive it is also painful. Make sure that cuticles are always moisturized by using cuticle or cream or even hand cream. Make a practice of pushing the cuticle and cleaning around it with an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton once it is softened and thoroughly moisturized.
  • Strip off nails with the previous manicure and get rid of oils before applying new nail polish
    Remove previously applied polish as well as nail oils or cream thoroughly with cotton soaked with nail polish remover. Old polish and cuticle oil or cream justify on the nails will prevent new nail polish from adhering properly on the nails
  • Completely cover the tip of the nails with nail polish
    The tip of the nails should be thoroughly covered with polish not only on top but also on the front edge as well as a little under the tip. This will prevent the nails from chipping.
  • Apply two thin coats
    Applying a thin coat and allowing it to dry and applying a second coat will make your manicure last longer than applying just one thick coat. Two thin coats dry faster than one thick coat and will last longer.

Risks to Health for Using Artificial Nail Designs

Women who cannot grow their nails long because they are weak and brittle are tempted to use artificial nails to allow them to flaunt long and beautifully manicured nails. Majority of artificial nails are made of a chemical mixture that is called nail overlays and are made to cover the entire natural nails or just serve as an extension for longer looking nails. Women, however, should take some precaution when wearing artificial nails. There are some risks to health involved in the use of artificial nails.

nail art designs

Minor accidents such as bumping an artificial nail against a hard surface or because of poor and inexpert application, the artificial nails could lift and a gap can form in between the natural nail and artificial nail. Moisture can gather in the gap that may breed bacteria that can cause fungal infection.

To best avoid such incident, artificial nails should be applied by an expert nail technician from a reputable and licensed nail salon or nail bar. A client should also see to it that all the tools used in the application of artificial nails are thoroughly cleaned and properly sterilized.

Having long and fabulous nail is great but the hazard of fungal infection is not pretty. One should also protect artificial nails from trauma and accidents and care for artificial nails like they would their natural nails. Wearing gloves when doing household chores is also one way of protecting artificial nails from being constantly wet and from accidental bumping and scraping.


Another risk to health caused by the use of artificial nails is the effect of the chemicals used to create and apply artificial nails. The smell is sometimes noxious and some chemicals too strong that it may cause permanent damage to the nails and infection on the skin surrounding the nails. Pregnant women are cautioned from using such artificial nails since it may have an adverse effect on an unborn infant.

This is not to say that artificial nails should be totally avoided. Definitely, there are advantages to using artificial nails, having well-groomed and beautiful nails is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. But it pays to take some precaution when using artificial nails.

Nail Emergency, Manicure Nippy Patch-up

Nail emergencies do happen whether you do your nails on your own or it was done by a nail expert in a nail salon. Knowing how to do some manicure nippy patch ups will be a great help- won’t cost you a cent and save you time – in minimizing the damage and getting your nails looking great again in no time. The key is to have a nail clipper and small file in your bag so that you are always ready to do a manicure nippy patch up.

It happens to the best of us, after having done a perfect polish on your nails you suddenly make a false move and smudge one of the perfectly polished nails. This is one manicure emergency that is very easy to remedy.

Simply dip a cotton bud into a bottle of polish remover, get rid of the excess remover from the cotton bud and swab the smudge with it. Allow it to dry and buff it lightly then apply a thin coat of polish and then a top coat over the nails.

Another nail emergency is a crack or a break in your newly manicured nails. If the crack or break is on the tip of the nail, then this is one nail emergency that is easy to repair. Simply clip the cracked or broken nail carefully with a nail clipper, file it to make the edges smooth and brush the edge of the nails with a thin coat of nail polish.

It is when the crack or break occurs in the middle of the nail that is a bit problematic, but doesn’t fret, a manicure nippy patch up with the use of a tea bag and glue can also be done in this kind of nail emergency. Here’s how:

  • Remove the nail polish with nail remover and thoroughly clean the nails
  •  Clip the nails to shorten it to lessen the pressure until it grows out
  • File and buff the nail over the break to get rid of the shine and roughen it up
  • Measure the nails from the nail bed to the break and cut a tea bag to size
  • Spread glue over the nail and lightly cover the nail with the pre-cut tea bag
  • Do this twice, letting the glue dry totally after every application
  • Once the glue has dried after the second layer of pre-cut tea bag, brush a top coat over the nail to strengthen it.

Nail Designs Do It Yourself

Nail designs do it yourself techniques like a fashion and is no longer limited to what you wear on your body, nor is it limited to clothes. Fashion has now even gone to nails and this is not just the plain nail polish that we paint on our nails. Although there are so many colors to choose from there is also the very popular alternative of nail art or nail designs as well as nail designs.

Nail Designs Do It Yourself

In case you have been hiding under a rock and don’t know what nail art or nail design is, then you better read along. Nail art or Nail design is painting decorative designs on your fingernails. It is a unique and fun way to add something new to your look or it can also accessorize your outfit. The possibilities for nail designs are endless. You can choose whatever design you want and you can go crazy about them too.

From nail polish to stickers, to painting different designs the possibilities are endless. There are complicated designs that require more than just nail polish and stickers-it would be best to leave these designs to the professionals. You need not worry since you can still surely make nail designs do-it-yourself.

Whether it is a simple heart painted on your nails on a special Valentines date or the name of your favorite basketball team painted on your nails during the championship game. Popular nail designs include ladybug, strawberries, and leopard print. With some practice, you can surely pull these designs off. You can also save a lot of money by making your own nail designs do it yourself.

Before starting with your nail design, make sure that you have a clean canvas, this means cleaning your nails before you start your nail art. Once you have cleaned and trimmed your nails, start with applying a neutral base coat on your nails. You can then start painting your designs, make sure to use special equipment like a special thin-tipped nail brush. This will help you control the drawing of your designs.

If you don’t have the special tools to paint your design you can be creative and improvise with Bobbie pins or even toothpicks.

With nail designs you do not necessarily have to stick to nail polish, you can add unique elements to your nail designs by mixing glitter or even stick-on nail art and jewels or even buttons and feathers!

Whatever method you choose in applying your nail art or whatever design you decide to go with since nail dries very fast make sure that you apply your designs very quickly, a tip to help you save time would be to use different nail brushes per color.

Another great thing about nail designs do it yourself is that you can base the designs on the season. You can have a pumpkin-inspired nail design for Halloween and snowmen on your fingernails as your nail design for Christmas. You can also use your mood as the basis of your nail designs.

Some Tips for You while Applying Nail Designs Do it Yourself

Nowadays, a lot of women and even young girls are quite attracted to creating nail art designs for their nails. Nail art has become a fashion trend today that you rarely see a woman having an ordinary nail polish in her nails.

The trick about this latest craze in the fashion industry today is that you can always do nail art in the comfort of your home – you don’t actually have to go to a salon and pay expensively for manicure and pedicure. All you need is to have nail design do it yourself tutorial video on which you can download or stream on any website on the internet today.

Nail designs do it yourself doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. Apart from finding video tutorials or picture tutorials, there are some tips you need to do before starting your way to making the most attractive and eye-catching nail art every girl might be envious with. Here are the following things that you should do:

Get Everything Ready

You might need to purchase nail art stickers from a craft store near you or add some nail polish of different color from your collection. Depending on your choice of course – just make sure that you get everything ready for the design that you want for yourself.

Clean Your Nails

This is quite typical. When you gather the entire equipment ready, you need to clean your nails. If your nails still have nail polish on it, use acetone to remove it. Get rid of the cuticles and use a nail file to shape your nails elegantly.

Find the Dail designs You Want

After you are done with cleaning, find a nail art that attracts you the most. Apart from that, make sure that you make the acetone handy – this is when you see some mistakes, you can always “erase” and fix it.

Start with the Base Coat

Nail design do it yourself trick isn’t complete when you don’t apply any base coat. Base coat can be of any color – depending on the design that you want to apply. Make sure that you apply it in a double coat – that way, the base coat will look darker and much clearer.

Start Designing

When you have to get your nails all dried up, you can now apply the design that you want on the top of the base coat. You can either opt for stripes, dots or even flower images. However, make sure that you have the perfect thing for each design – a fine brush is perfect for creating lines as well as dots. After you are done, you can always have the option of adding stickers or glitter to your design.

Apply clear nail polish. When you are done with your design, do not forget to apply two coats of clear and colorless nail polish.

Nail design do it yourself doesn’t have to be hard – you just have to be creative and be careful when doing it.

5 Most Vital Basics that Go Hand in Hand with Nail Designs Do it Yourself

Are you considering trying out nail designs do it yourself? Are you expecting to save some cash without having to compromise on your style quotient for that special occasion? Well then, you must be told that your idea is great in every sense. After all doing good nail art does not necessarily require professional help.

With a bit of practice and creativity, anyone and everyone can add style to their nails that that too at home!
However, like every other game in the world, some basics apply to get nail designs to do it yourself right as well! Nonetheless, if you do not know of these as yet, take it easy because we would not let you lag behind in this arena.

Here are the most vital essentials of nail arts do it yourself listed out for you to take a cue from

Well Begun is a Half Done

Going by this logic, you must ensure before starting the nail designs do it yourself drill that your nails are in prime shape. A good manicure prior to nail art seems like a very good idea in this context.

Never Compromise on Quality

Even for doing nail art at home, you would need some basic tools and materials to achieve the end. These include nail paints, acrylic colors, crystals, gems, and other embellishments, nail glue etc.

While making purchases for these, the quality of the products must never be compromised upon. It is best to settle for professional grade products for flawless results.

Get Nail Design Ideas

Simply mugging these basics of nail art do it yourself is not sufficient. Unless you are very creative of course, you would need to look for good design ideas and techniques from people who have tried doing nail art at home earlier.

You may take your friends as your confidantes when scouting for nail art ideas, or even search the internet for pictures and videos of cool tried and tested nail art design ideas.

Base Coat is Basic

Another very important thing to remember while trying out nail art all by yourself is that application of a base coat is a rule here. You simply cannot start painting patterns without the application of a base coat because, without that, these would never stand out.

The choice of color can vary from clear, white and pale pink base to even a darker contrasting tone to the patterns to be etched out there.

Clear Coat is Must for Finishing

Like the base coat at the beginning of nail art, a clear coat at the end of the drill has its own relevance. Once the patterns, embellishments, and colors placed on the fingernails dry up, a clear acrylic coat is a must to seal the effort put in.

This would protect the art from getting damaged on coming in contact with water and sharp edges. In fact, a clear coat must be applied on the nail art every 2-3 days for optimal protection.

What is Nail Supply and how to use Nail Supply?

Beauty is a characteristic in women that provides an experience of pleasure or satisfaction. An “ideal beauty” is admired because possesses features widely attributed to perfection. The experience of having charming nails involves an interpretation of balance and harmony that leads to feeling attractive and to have emotional well-being.

Nail Supply

A combination of quality, shape, color, form, and art, pleases the senses and enchants the eyes. Nails Supply will help you to have a healthy, well-manicured nail because we know it is an integral part of a neat, pulled-together appearance. A woman that does her manicure is a lover dream of her fashion statement.

Points To Remember While Using Nail Supply?

Acetone, emery board to ensure fine polish and buffers can be categorized as essential nail supplies. Regardless of whether you use nail supply for personalized use or you run a nail shop, in order to be stress-free, you need to maintain a constant supply of nail accessories at all times. Here are some vital tips for managing adequate nail supply 3:

Sanitization is Essential

One of the main reasons why nail fungus spreads is because you use nail accessories that have been previously used by a person suffering from this infection. If cuticle removal tools are not washed properly, the chances are that traces of fluids and blood can be found on them. This may lead to severe infections. You need to, therefore, wash off all debris from your nail accessories and then sanitize it using a tool cleanser.

After sanitizing your nail supply, you simply need to dry it using a clean, soft cloth. In case you are using nail supplies at home, then you need to cleanse them using specified nail sanitizing tools that are specially meant for household purposes. For best results, simply soak your nail supply tools in a solution of ethyl alcohol and leave it overnight.

Nail Supplies Should Be Separated

To avoid unnecessary infections, you need to maintain a separate toolkit for nail supplies meant for hands and feet. Nail tools used for feet should never be applied to your hands as the fungi from your feet can spread to your fingernails.

To avoid the chances of infection spreading from your feet to your hands, simply maintain a separate kit for a pedicure and a separate kit for the manicure.

Nail Polish Tenure

To avoid spending excessively, you need to ensure that your nail polish is first placed within a cardboard box and then refrigerated. By placing your nail polish inside the fridge, you save it from heat and dust. Excessive heat can cause your bottles to burst.

Besides, when your nail paints are refrigerated, you save your paints from getting caked and it also reduced the chances of the original pigment losing its color.

Nonetheless, while refrigerating your nail polish, you need to ensure that you set the temperature to medium.

Proper Storage

The last step while taking care of your nail supply is to keep it safe. Regardless of whether you use nail accessories at your house or a salon, you need to place them at a nail station. The box which stores your nail accessories is either made of metal or plastic and it is made in such a manner that it keeps your nail supplies safe and sound.

Hence, you can store your manicure and pedicure accessories and you can also place your cotton rolls or your nail paint remover inside the special storage box.

If you want your precious nail supplies to last longer, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips at all times.

Inside Facts on Len Nails while doing Nail Designs

Len nails are considered to possess the most comprehensive range of nail paints in the nail accessory business. Len nails are undoubtedly phenomenal with regards to the quality of nail accessories as well as the impeccable customer support backing its awe-inspiring products.

Len Nails

Let us discuss just why you need to opt for Len nails and not any other nail accessory manufacturer: The biggest problem one faces when opting for nail accessories is when you choose a brand which has immense repute. Nonetheless, when you apply its products, you are justified with a disappointing note.

Apparently, you would get an immediate respite when you start using nail accessories manufactured by LEN. The company, which began its operations in the year 1984 ensures that it maintains the highest standards while manufacturing and then distributing nail accessories to the rest of the world. The main reason why you should opt for LEN products is that their products have been manufactured with the aid of natural ingredients.

The lack of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of Len nails products permits you to get the best nail products that are relatively free from any adverse side effects.

Len Nails

The comprehensive range of UV gels manufactured by LNC is simply phenomenal. The end products are manufactured after intensive research and only those nail accessories hit the market that has passed the stringent quality tests known to man.

Hence, the final products of LNC are impeccable in quality and priced affordably for your convenience. Ironically, your nail artistry is never complete unless gels and nail polish are missing from the accessories. The colors offered in this range are tempting and the gels last longer than the usual ones which you usually get in the local market.

Have you often felt cheated when you paid a visit to the local saloon for a manicure session and returned home disappointed as the results were catastrophic? I am sure this may have happened several times. Nonetheless, at LNC, you are well take care off as the NNC program which is specially catered to take care of your nails naturally, is tailor-made to suit your needs.

At LNC, nail manicure is backed by the latest scientific research. Hence, with time and some tender loving care, your nails become healthy, chic as well as strong. Another impeccable product manufactured by LNC is UV gels. These gels are second to none and can add flair to your otherwise dull nails. You can use gels from Len nails to make your nails plain, glittery or shiny.

Last but not least, if you are missing the pedicure accessories from LNC then you are simply neglecting your feet. The unique gel toes offered by LEN promise to transform your feet like that of a fairy in six weeks flat.

What is Nail Lifting?

Nail lifting could crop up together with other skin problems such as the different forms of eczema, lichen planus or psoriasis. It could also come about with causal medical problems that include pregnancy, thyroid disease, some types of infection and at times with rare forms of cancer.

Other causes could be a forceful manicure, injury to the nails and allergy to nail cosmetics.

nail liftingg

It could also be caused by some medication such as drugs made from Vitamin A, heart medications, diuretics, medications for diabetes and chemotherapy treatment. This condition could also be caused by some chemicals and substances such as household cleaning products, glue and acidic juices such as limes and lemons.

Causes of Nail Lifting

Nail lifting is a problem caused by the spontaneous detachment or separation of toenails or fingernails from the nail bed. It appears like a half-moon and creates space under the nails that accumulate water, dirt, and debris that could breed yeast or bacteria, causing the area to be infected. Nail lifting could affect both men and women of all ages but is more common with women.

Self-care guidelines for nail lifting are as follows:

  • Meticulously clip away as much of the separated nail as possible and doing it weekly
  • Lightly brush the nail and the area around it with water and plain soap daily, rinse and dry it thoroughly. A mild cleanser is a good alternative to soap
  • Provide the nails with protection by wearing plastic gloves over light cotton gloves to prevent recurring contact with water.
  • When nail lifting becomes overly bothersome, it is about time to consult a doctor. The doctor will conduct tests to trace the cause of nail lifting and prescribe the following:
  • Treatment to the skin and medical problem or exposures that is causing the nail lifting
  • Anti-bacterial or anti-fungal treatment if a fungal or bacterial infection is existing

How to Protect Your Nails from Nail Lifting

Nail lifting is a problem caused by the spontaneous detachment or separation of toenails or fingernails from the nail bed. This could affect both men and women of all ages but is more common with women.

You can save your nails from Nail Lifting while using Nails Designs. There are following things you can remember while using Nail Designs.

Always Use Toxin Free Nail Polish for Great Nail Designs

Women of ancient cultures have painted their nails to indicate social status, for beauty and even as a sign of spirituality. But nail polish as we know it today became popular in the 1920s stimulated by automobile paints. Unfortunately, modern polishes are full of toxins that we breathe in and soaked up by our skin when we paint our nails.

Toxin Free Nail Polish

Toxins found in nail polish Includes the following things:

Toluene is a toxic ingredient found in paints, lacquers, solvents and other household products. Inhaling high level of toluene can cause unconsciousness, depression, permanent brain damage, and at its worst death.

  • Formaldehyde which can cause cancer
  • Dibutyl Phthalate which can cause certain cancers, infertility, and fetal defect.

This information should not, however, prevent you from beautifying your nails with nail polish. There are toxin-free nail polishes that are being developed by more and more companies. These toxin-free nail polishes come in a wide range of beautiful colors at a cost comparable to the more popular nail polishes.

Here are examples of toxin-free nail polishes you can choose it

Put Amazon and Wal-Mart toxin-free nail Polishes Products here

How to Choice Healthy Polished Nail Designs with Eco-Friendly Options

The regular nail polish we have been using for years has been found to carry toxic ingredients that can cause skin and health issues. Toxins found in nail polishes include toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde. These key ingredients have been found t cause allergic reactions, disorders of the nervous system, and nail fungus infections.

Nail fungus has been found to thrive in those who use nail polish on a regular basis and for long periods of time. Some even use the nail polish to cover existing fungus which only makes it worse.

best nail polish

Longtime nail polish wearers can rest easy. Manufacturers have come up with a more Eco-friendly solution. These new non-toxic lines of nail polish work well with the environment and are a healthier alternative.

These new polishes contain no formaldehyde, DBP, or toluene. You can still have a great choice of colors to choose from and the price for this Eco polish is no more than regular polish. This makes green nail care even more appealing to those who like to help the environment and maybe to those who don’t because of the price.

If you cannot find the new green polish lines in your favorite store, you can always check with your salon. More of them are supporting healthier beauty options and will probably carry this new polish. No matter what type of polish you choose to wear, it is important to give your nails time to breathe between polish changes.

Give them a day or two with no polish. This will allow your natural nails to stay a healthy pink and will help to keep fungus at a minimum. When you add to this a natural nail polish alternative, you will know that you are doing one more thing to keep you and the environment happy while giving yourself beautiful nails.

How to Choose Nail Polish Color for Best Nail Designs

When confronted with all the choices of nail polish colors available in the market today, the task suddenly turns out to be more daunting than exciting. There is just too much to choose from, that may be the most expedient thing to do is just grab the first one that comes into sight.

nail polish

Unfortunately, this may turn out to be an exercise in futility. The nail polish color may not be suitable to your skin tone or the color of the clothes you plan to wear to pair it with or the color is just plain tacky that you end up not using the nail polish at all. What a waste!
To avoid this kind of mishap, here are some tips on what to consider when choosing a nail polish color:

The first thing to consider in the choice of color for a nail polish is your skin tone

  • If you are fair skinned, then you are lucky since you can choose any color in the wide spectrum of nail polish color and you won’t ever go wrong. But your fair skin will be shown to its best advantage if you choose light shades that closely match your skin tone. Try nail polish colors with pink and red undertones. Darker shades such as berry red will also look fantastic with your fair skin.
  • For women with darker skin such as an olive skin, deeper and darker nail colors will look fabulous against the darker tone of the skin. Maroon, reds, chocolate brown and even metallic gold are the perfect tones for dark skinned women. Lighter colored nail polish can make the skin of the hands look pallid and older.
  • For women with sun-kissed skin, earthy tones and bright colors in the shade of pinks and blues are just the right colors to show off the golden tan. But any colors will look great on sun-kissed skin.
    Other things to consider in the choice of a nail polish color would be:
    • The color of your lipstick. Try matching the color of your nail polish with the color of your lips and see how it would attract a lot of attention
    • The color of your dress. Pick a dominant color in the outfit that you’re wearing for a special occasion and paint your nails with its exact color.
    • There is nothing wrong in trying on all the current color trends in nail polish color, just see to it that, you take into consideration the first criteria in the selection, that it matches your skin tone.

Seasonal Nail Designs Colors

Nail art and nails colors designs are fabulous ways to upgrade a woman’s overall appearance. Most women consider beautiful and amazing nails not only as part of their grooming but a way of making a fashion statement. Nail colors are worn to match an outfit or to celebrate a season or an occasion.

Mostly women draw inspiration of what nail colors to use from their favorite celebrity fashion icons who never fails to daze their followers with the most amazing nail colors, particularly the on-trend nail colors and nail arts of the season.

seasonal nail designs

Lady Gaga had her own image painted on all ten fingernails of her hands, Beyoncé was spotted wearing gleaming gold nails and Rihanna loves multicolored rhinestones on her nails, these are only three of the fashion-forward celebs who consider their nails as an extension of their fashion styles.

Lovely Nail Colors for Nail Designs

The nail colors designs of the season are plentiful and there are just too many to choose from. But there are six nail colors that top the list of nail colors of the season, black, red, blue, green and metallic colors are the trending colors of summer.

Black and red are the most enduring nail polish colors. Black is elegant, daring and sophisticated and the choice of many celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Jessica Alba.

lovely nail colors

On the other hand, red, all shades of red but most especially dark red is an empowering color. It somehow represents the inner strength of the wearer, cautiously bridled and just waiting to be released. Femme Fatales are identified with red nail polish, just look at Molly McQueen, Leona Lewis and Ashlee Simpson in their commanding red nail polish.

Bright blues and greens are two more nail colors of the season. The must-have blue is navy blue but all shades of blue are on-trend as well. Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, Dannii Minogue, Alexa Chung, and Christina Aguilera are only a few of the celeb blue lovers. Green, soft green with the creamy hint is the new neutral nail color of the season. Metallic nail color is the new way to create bling without wearing it. The metallic nail colors of the season are silver, gold or bronze.

Nail Primer for Perfect Nail Designs

A nail primer is a special nail product spread over natural nail before nail polish or artificial nail is applied to it. A nail primer guarantees that nail polish is applied evenly without smearing on the nail. It also ensures that a manicure will stay longer without the nail polish fading or flaking.

Nail Primer

Acrylic nail primer, on the other hand, ensures that an artificial acrylic nail sticks firmly to the natural nails. But before a nail primer is applied, the natural nails should be prepped properly. A quality nail primer is also vital as a precaution to lifting or loosening of the acrylic nail, a dangerous situation since lifting or a loosened artificial nail could lead to fungal infection.

A typical nail primer is in liquid form and is applied to the natural nail in the same way a nail polish is applied. The cuticle is softened and exfoliated first before a nail primer is applied. Some nail primers are made of an acidic substance that sometimes irritates the skin, so it is important to protect the skin surrounding the nails by the use of an adhesive protector.

Since it is acidic and therefore has a tendency to cause dehydration, one coat of nail primer will suffice. The nail primer roughens the surface of the nail and dissolves grease and oil as well as grime to ensure that the nail polish or artificial nail adheres to the natural nail more securely.

Specially made nail primer for gel nail overlays usually comes with the gel nail kit. Gel nail overlays are generally cured under a UV lamp and this process may cause shrinkage, thus the special kind of primer needed. One important thing to remember when applying nail primer for acrylic or gel nail overlay is to wait until the nail primer is totally dry before the overlay is applied.

Artificial Nail Designs, their Problems and how to Protect

Artificial nails are the future of nail fashion. It provides a girl a great way to have fabulous nails, even when their nails are damaged or weak. Artificial nails are also a good background or base for more intricate nail art without damaging the natural nails.

ArtificialNail Design

The most common artificial nails are acrylic and gel nails. There is, however, a new alternative to acrylic nail art designs or gel nails called solar nails. Solar nails are artificial nails that offer a great advantage, better than other artificial nails. It has a lot of benefits that are difficult to achieve with either gel or acrylic nails.

Causes of Most Common Fake Nail Designs Problems

Beautiful nails are no longer considered a luxury these days. Well-cared for nails are just not enough. More and more women are looking at the numerous nail enhancements and nail art designs to have beautiful nails.

But the use of nail enhancements such as artificial nails and nail art techniques such as nail piercing, nail drilling, and other severe nail art procedures could cause damage to the natural nails. It pays to know what causes some of the most common nail problems.

Awareness can lead to prevention and will result in healthier nails

Causes of Lifting of Artificial Nails

  • The artificial nail is attached very close to the cuticle or is applied very thickly over the cuticle
  • The natural nail bed is injured from the incorrect way of applying or removing nail enhancements
  • Too much nail primer or nail primer is not thoroughly dry
  • Nail plate was not properly primed
  • Overly long nails
  • Taking of thyroid, heart and other medications

Causes of Yellowing Nails

  •  Using acrylic, gel or other chemical product without an inhibitor or UV shield
  •  Justify over nail polish that is justified on top of the artificial nail
  • Not allowing the nail primer before applying the products
  • Use of an old or contaminated product
  • Unclean brush or contaminated brush

Cause of brittleness – [ Cracking, Chipping or Breaking of Artificial Nails ]

  • The artificial nail was applied very level or flat. There must be a tip curve created down the middle of the artificial nail to make it stronger and sturdier.
  • Artificial nail is too long – the free edge of the artificial nail should not be longer than the nail bed.
  • When forming the artificial nail with the product, the stress area was not built up enough.

How to make Natural Nail Stronger

Natural nails are best to justify in their natural state and can be made stronger by proper care. The use of artificial nail strengthener may not be a very good idea. Artificial nail strengtheners may make the nail firmer but they may also make the nails unyielding and inflexible making it more liable to break or crack upon impact. Nails are best maintained pliable and moisturize.


Natural Nail Stronger

Applying nail polish regularly on nails will help protect them and habitual use of hand cream will moisturize not only hands but the nails as well. Nail splitting is an indication of dry nails. In such cases, applying oil specifically meant to diffuse all the way to the nail plate is recommended as well as drinking plenty of water.

Nails kept long and pointed are by nature, more frail and weak than naturally shaped nails and would need more care and attention. For long and pointed nails, a chemical nail hardener may be needed to make it harder and prevent peeling or chipping. What is important is to get a nail hardener with nylon fibers and at the same time also moisturizes.

Here are some other ways to make natural nails stronger:

  • Nails should be filed to size by an emery board rather than clipped to cut it short.
  • Applying a daily top coat of nail polish will protect the nails
  • Avoid using a nail polish remover frequently since nail polish removers, especially those with acetone content, will dry the nails. It is best used only at least once a week.
  • Moisturize the hands with hand cream after every washing since soap has a tendency to dry the hands and nails.
  • Apply Vaseline or other kinds of moisturizer on the cuticles to ensure that they are always moisturized
  • Avoid using a metal scraper to remove nail polish or push back the cuticle
  • Stop biting nails, this is a very bad habit that will not only destroy and weaken the nails but also is harmful to the cuticle and may cause nail and cuticle infection
  • Push the cuticle back with a rubber-tipped cuticle pusher or rosewood stick rather than cut them since they are the protection of the nail roots from bacteria. Hard and dry cuticles can be removed by a cuticle remover liquid or cuticle softener.
  • The best time to do a manicure is after a shower or a soak in a tub or even washing dishes since the cuticles and dirt on the nails are softer.

Nail Care for Men

The basic nail care for men is regular care and follows a balanced diet. According to medical experts, Nail is an indicator of the overall health of a person. Nails that are brittle and the color may indicate that something is wrong. But when it comes to nail care, you think only women or, say, feminism. Among men, the only nail is cut short.

However, there are some appropriate measures to maintain healthy nails and keep them will take in good condition. But if we keep the rules the majority of society, men love to laugh, if you know what I mean! But what many people do not realize, nail care, to keep them in good condition and presentable, it’s just one of the basic requirements of personal hygiene. I do not maintain good hygiene is something to mock or treated with contempt.

The following is a description of some of the most basic steps to nail care for men. How to protect Dry Skin around the Nails while applying Nail Designs

Dry skin around the nails can result from a variety of reasons, from cold and dry skin comes into contact with chemicals or injury caused by the in-laws! Whatever the reason behind that is dry skin around the nails, it looks ugly and gives the person a very sloppy. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of this disease is very important.

How to repair dry skin around the nails?

It is very necessary to take care of your nails while applying nail designs on it. When you apply nail designs on your nails its skin has also affected from it. The skin around the nails becomes dry. You can repair dry skin around the nails by applying the following techniques.

Cutting and Filing Nails

Cut nails and cuticles regularly maintained. Before cutting your nails, soak fingers in warm water for about 10 minutes. This is soft, making it easier to cut into any desired shape. Ideally, people who suffer from this problem of excess skin around the nails dry, you should check your nails short.

After the nails are cut, follow this by cutting the dead skin around the nails with wire cutters. However, careful not to cut the cuticles and support is necessary because it is necessary to prevent infection of the nails of the development.

Use a filter to smooth edges of the nails and the nail nails and rough edges can damage the surrounding skin and let it dry and infected. Finally, take an orange stick and push skin and nails. This prevents the cuticle in place and prevents skin problems that occur around the nail, as a result.


To dry skin on hands, fingers, and nails to avoid to remain always a point, by the hand lotion twice daily, once in the morning and once supplies before going to bed with moisture. Massage your hands thoroughly with him. Further dryness around the nails, follow this by applying a good quality cuticle oil, the skin around the nails.


Develop cracked skin around the nails to dry can, because the skin comes into contact, to avoid some dangerous chemicals in detergents, soap or detergent so, the next time you do the housework, which involves using one of these, the use of rubber gloves. You can find them at any hardware store.

The dry skin around the nails can also be of some chemicals in cosmetics such as nail polish, nail base, nail polish, etc. you will. Therefore, buy only good quality, brand and stuff are not cheap for cosmetic nail if you want to prevent dryness around the nails.

Sometimes parents, very dry skin around the cuticle, may occur if the person is accustomed to nail-biting. Why should they be avoided completely, because at some step of contacting, because even the clothes we wear and broken by an accident, can cause immense pain? Therefore, cut cravings, and then apply an antibacterial lotion on her and associations to prevent an infection.

Effective Home Remedies

For the regular manicure, this seems a waste of time or money for you to get a pair of medical gloves and Vaseline. Once a week, do Vaseline on your fingers and hands, paying particular attention to dry the area around the nails, Vaseline right amount, with gloves and go to sleep. Leave the Vaseline at night, because it will give your skin a chance to absorb it.

This will help prevent the skin around the nails with moisture and drought to develop in the future. To prevent another effective home remedies from the skin around the nails are in a solution of water and olive oil in equal quantities soaking for about 15 minutes every night before bedtime. This should make sure any dry skin around the nails.

In addition to the above, other ways to avoid dry skin around the nails, the application of shea butter, almond oil or vitamin E oil on the affected skin is applied. After following all these precautions and remedies, if the drought were infected around the nails, and if there is bleeding dry skin around the nails of the reason could be that his stepfather. Infected cuticles are almost always filled with pus.

If so, call a doctor should be contacted, is the reason that, if emergency treatment is not requested, the infection can spread to the entire nail and can cause damage in some cases.

Killer Tips to Choose the Best Nail Designs Shops

Locating suitable nail shops is not at all an easy task. Ironically, the most happening and adorned nail shops are not always the best when it comes to assessing their hygiene and safety standards. To make things simpler, let us discuss the basic tips for locating high-quality nail saloons.

Seek Advice from Your Friends

The first step to locate the best nail saloon is to seek advice from your friends and relatives. When you have a list of the top ten saloons ready, you need to call each and every saloon and ask a few vital questions. You need to find out whether the saloons, as well as the employees of that saloon, have a valid license or not.

Ironically, procurement of a license is state specific and while most top salons have access to licenses, not all of them are interested in enforcing them.

Cross Check the Hygiene

After you have located the licensed saloons, your next task is to cross-check the sterilization techniques used by the nail shops. While some may use alcohol as a sterilizing medium, you need to understand that alcohol is not adequate to disinfect the equipment.

Ideally, a nail salon should use heat sterilization techniques as they prove to be effective disinfectants. Tuberculocidal disinfectants are also effective in killing all possible germs and keeping you free from unnecessary infections.

In case you feel that the salon owners are misleading you, simply ask them to show you the disinfectant pack.


The Pleasant Procedure

If your nail salon is responsible for your painful nightmares then you need to let go of it. The main aim of nail shops is to ensure that your nail bed is kept safe from infections. Hence, they never harm or slice through your cuticles.

Make sure that your nail salon avoids using cuticle cutters, razors or even credo blades. To avoid infection, always cross check whether the employees are making use of new files or orange sticks while beginning with the procedure. At times, salons would advise you to purchase your own equipment. This is considered a good choice for those who do not wish to get infected.

In case you catch a glimpse of dust or debris within the room, you need to opt for another salon as this clearly shows that the nail salon of your choice does not lay emphasis on maintaining its hygiene.

Watch out for Foot Tubs

While getting your feet to pedicure from your chosen nail shop, you need to ensure that you avoid using the whirlpool foot tub. These tubs are laced with bacteria. So, if they are not washed properly after each use, they can lead to severe infection. Make sure that your foot batch is washed and cleaned with soapy water. Thereafter, it should be cleaned with a well-known disinfectant. To avoid infections, you can simply carry a tube liner with you.

If you want to avoid losing your hard earned money and enjoy a blissful pedicure session, simply follow the above-mentioned tips at all times.

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